What are 'legacy' thralls?

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Hello fellow exiles :slight_smile:
I’ve come across this term quite a lot while browsing the forum. Are legacy thralls just really ‘old’ thralls owned by a clan or thralls that are no longer obtainable cause of game patches etc.?
Thanks for clarification

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My understanding of it is that you are right. There are thralls that can no longer around or if so knocked out. Some folks still have some in storage chests.


Legacy thralls are unobtainable with the current game. An example would be Beri in her Nordheimer armour with her breasts out versus Beri now with her apron, work gloves and shirt on. Some players with old save files may still have the original version.


To expand just a bit on @sestus2009 and @Lucidique there are multiple ways “legacy” is used. Some bench thralls no longer have their original skins, which were often incredibly beautiful. Some are/were topless. Some are simply a face or a hairstyle you can’t get, say for a Smelter, anymore.

As for Followers, my legacy Luba the Luscious is a gorgeous raven-haired, fair-skinned lovely. The current Luba is just as luscious in her own ways, but not the same.

Followers placed in the world before the Leveling System created a final context for “legacy.” When Leveling was introduced, any placed Followers were converted to MAX, with no hope of adding any attributes. Luba became a 980-HP base babe. My legacy Eina The Light was already placed, and she was MAX at 3K HP, with no attributes. Compare that to a non-legacy Eina, with 11K HP and loads of useless attributes. :stuck_out_tongue:


Thank you all for the quick responses :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Ya, Most of time I use “Legacy” with Thralls, is any that come from early days of game.

Few like “legendary Thralls” that converts to howls at moon, after log out and in. Alot of Topless thralls who don’t wear silly turban and apron. (there wearing default armor for race, or lack of)

Plently of others, who were legacy, but update changed them to newer version, or had them removed.

Few more that load in fully nude. But I think all but a t4 darfari taskmaster, have been fixed. Him with his doodle out is pretty rare. XD


I know I much prefer the look of the original Dalinsia Snowhunter. I’m not a fan of the loose braid hairstyle, and I like the hair of the original. It’s a good thing she was so prevalent back them, so we have several still in the box.

Daya Leaddrinker has the new mohawk and braid hairstyle, but like the original Beri, she used to be topless.

Some of the changes were pretty good, but others, such as the addition of workstation “uniforms”, were not.

Still, I should place a Captain or two.


@speedice , Correct me if I am wrong please. If I remember correctly, at the time we had the new followers system, all my old thralls became entertainers, all of them. Back then I was playing in a French private pvp server. I had always a thrall pot full of goodies for my thralls and the only thing they had in their inventory was the honey :rofl::rofl::rofl:. I even remember loosing their gear too if I am not mistaken. They were all with fiber clothes without weapons. I had to dismiss all of them, they were useless :man_shrugging:. Does my memory fools me?

Now I’m super curious how Dalinsia looked before XD I never really payed attention. Someone got pics?

I’ve got some pics of her from when the Pict dlc was released on xbox.

We have a Manhunter Carpenter, captured in a Surge on Siptah, that came out of the box completely nude. He is still sawing away, albeit way too close to his private parts with that saw for comfort.

@ Speedice- You may want to hold off on placing the Captain (btw, is the male or female version) till you find out that placing him/her is safe. I used to have a female Vathis the Heirophant that I wanted to place, but found out if placed, would just kill her because her ‘coding’ no longer existed…? I don’t remember the technical term, but a few people who know more than me, advised me against it.

I had the female version of Captain at that time as well.

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Ask and ye shall receive

Dalinsia as she was years ago. Of course, this has a bad attitude.


When the new system went into place, all the old thralls were frozen at level 0 with whatever HP they had. I replaced most all of them, except I still have a dancer, archer, and a fighter because they had a look and hairstyle/color I didn’t see anywhere else. They are all level 0. I have them well protected for purges.

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Ran out of the building well out on the grounds and placed a Captain. No problems. She seems to be fine. We’ll see after the server reset.

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