What can we (Server Admins) do in PvE-C?

Game mode: [Online | PvE-C
Problem: No one can attack structures during structure ATTACK TIME!!
Region: America

Ok so I set up a PvE-C server …. no corpse looting and no structure damage EXCEPT during weekends. G-Portal server. So I set the option to damage player structures ON … and restricted Damage player structure on WEEKENDS ONLY. So it is now the weekend and no one can attack anyone elses structures/baeses (and yes it is within the times specified) … Thralls wont attack invaders … we can still kill each other but… base raiding to test defenses is not happening. As Admin… do I have no control over this now?? Was working a while back :frowning:
*** what happen? Is this a known issue? Are PvE-C Set to a certain parameter? If so … where can I find what PvE-C is? Am I trying to give my players options that are not PvE-C and as Admin I have no control over this?

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1 Play the game!.
2. Set your server on PvE-C
3. Set Damage Structures on Weekends
4. Attack others structures and cause no damage (on weekends)
5. Be glad you do your business on the internet and not face to face locally with people that want answers :slight_smile:

Ok it seems to have just started working … all by it’s self … (the structure damage thing) … lucky!