What class dose Best DPS?

What class in AOC dose the most dps in dungeons/raids?

Totally depends on the dungeon, raid tier and boss. The only answer I can give you is that all classes shines somewhere except Ranger. Ranger sux. It can deal more dmg than what people might think, but it’s just so far away from the rest of the dps classes.

If I were to rank dpsers the top three would probably be for me barb, necro and demo. They are just very consistant everywhere. Not saying the others are bad, and not that they are miles away. Well, except Ranger again :smiley:

In a longer fight Hybrid Barb beats Assassin on single target. I don’t think any class can beat a zerker barb on single target if the fight goes for a bit.

Also important to remember it’s difficult to compare physical dmg dealers to magial dmg dealers since a lot of bosses got different armor/protection values. A demo does not stand a chance against a barb on 2nd boss in t6 for example.

Also important to remember ,it doesn’t matter ,PoM presses delete key and wins :slight_smile:

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HoX definitely!!!


theres no class that is gonna be insta win for a new player of the game, you will most likely have the same results on all pretty much untill you learn the games mechanics properly. Also, you wont notice consistant hierarkies of the class-dps untill you reach higher tiers of raiding where most people know their classes. if you do raidfinder or low tier raids its usually skill > class across the board and you wont see a pattern.

agree with everything, but I think necros are in a pretty overpowered state with t6 gear, and I dont think theres much competition for the “top” spot. necros usually never has the nuke-role on 2nd boss t6, or ethram which i think makes people forget how powerful they really are, but for example in slithering chaos where people parse alot necros can reach 3,8k on first boss and no class comes close to that.

On some occasions when I RLed T6 I tried playing necro on nuke role on 2nd boss + Ethram, and it was outdoing the barbs typical high numbers there too, even with the invuls that should favor barb I guess. I think I would put necro over barbs on paper, but normal t6 raids u never have them nuking on the typical “parser” bosses so you never see them even close to top.

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that’s probably a bit cryptic for someone asking such a question and is not involved into AoC’s meme potential.

So when people say “depends”, well it really depends on composition, boss, positioning etc.
So a Pom for example has “holy cleansing” which is a high cooldown end feat cast, which lets every character and every ‘object’, pet etc assosiated to the group pulse out holy damage in short intervalls for 10 seconds. so a ‘holy cleansing’ used in a group with - for the sake of the argument - 5 guards and the pom itself will do much much less damage than a holy cleansing in a group of 5 necros who all have the maximum of melee pets and temporary pets via spellweaving close to the boss. combine that with boss fights where you have short damage phases with long mechanical breaks like the bat of nergal (t3.5) or zelandra (t6) nothing can beat a pom in dps.

a different, but also correct, answer could be: tos. when you take the add phase of the thoth amon fight in T3 or the t5 yakhmar fight you have shorter intervalls (45-60seconds) before a bunch of pets spawn and (ideally) stand rather close together you can always or every second spawn dish out your massive AoE burst dps and top the parser.
then you could also ask which class improves the overall raid dps the most but doesnt necessarily have the highest dps on the final parser window you could also argue that the tos is best since “empowered life of set” or “idol of sets supremacy” combined with “storm crown” and force of lightning deliver absurdly high (and constant) dps increase to melee classes and pet necros.
but also Barbs are pretty good when it comes to highly supportive damage buffs while also dishing out high numbers themselves → Armageddon falls, under the right circumstances, is like another dpser invited to the raid, when you consider how much dps this buff does for all (hitting) classes in the raid. Rampaging Horde and Thirst for Blood also fit into that category.

in a (hypothetic) fight, where 3, 4 bosses/adds with small hitboxes would stand really close together and you just dps them for two and a half minutes an ‘Aoe’-specced DT could also be a competitor for highest dps (and also heal) because how proccs and VoM scale with the amount of hits and crits

I’ve done nuke role on second boss too but it’s really hard to stay on par with a decent barb. I capped out at around 2600dps with my necro, maybe I’ll try it next raid. I’m curious what is possible again as I havent done much raids on my necro in 2ish years.

Also: There is no “best dps” class, they can all be the “best” given the right circumstances and ecounter, except maybe ranger… Overall the top 3 is necro, sin, barb in my opinion.


Yeah would be fun to see with maxed out pots and gear, post result here :)!

The raid-encounters that people parse nowadays favors barbs in terms of invuls and strats, so its fair to say that in the context of how the game is played barb is the best raid-dpser for high tier raids. In a vacuum with balanced invuls i think necros are the stronger, and in my experience atleast that kinda shows generally in dungeons too. but yeah thats just interesting for us, prolly not for the OP :smiley:

Well i recall Evito pulling agro at 3k dps (so he could go more)threshold vs guardians sta and goading off each other with cover of dusk stacked ,so barb potential there with a proper weapon dmg boost and not the groups i sometimes see now is insane.Also don’t forget using the alchemy buff vs not using it ,barbs and sins can use that well with a proper healer behind them ,ask Shimi <3.All in all top dps spot is encounter dependent but i would go with necro for majority of the content too.People forget ease of execution which plays a big part too.Also i like when people reply seriously to pom puns :smiley:

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Don’t forget to go with 11 pets and pray for cornertanks that didn’t fall asleep and miss their “crystal” at color of magic :wink:
Or a bombcatcher running out late to make yourself being a “target” for one of the bombs.

I do not think necro stand a chance against both Assassin or Barbarian on second boss even if they can stand still and full nuke. My sin has reached 3k or high 2,9k and my barb reached 3,4k and then I pulled and died in the very first Ivory Tower T6 (quite some time ago now). At that time I didn’t even tryhard with shields etc, and not using OP item shop pots so I know for a fact that could be even higher.

Edit: Maybe it can reach Assassin numbers with perfect run, and 11 pets. However, I don’t think it can get close to a good barb in a good group.

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There’s a difference between reaching those numbers and sustaining those numbers which is why Mori is curious about what the necro could do in an ideal setting.

The thing is I don’t see a Necro reaching 3.5k there even in an ideal situation. Maybe it can, but then again I do think barb can go even higher. And, the numbers I stated isn’t a “one time thing” I’ve done. I’ve gotten those numbers several times except 3,5k on barb, but I did get it to 3k consistantly even without perfect group set up and item shop pots.

No, even ideal situation for a necro I don’t think would hit that magic 3k number on Leviathan. And that’s piggy backing off another necro’s mutilators and the test necro just having 11 blighted ones and roughly as many parasitic souls. Unless you decide to do some math for your portion of Armageddon Falls.

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You are probably right about that, i dont remember what exact numbers i got but it was above 2700-2800 for sure, i was playing 11 pets and went pretty al quida so not very reliable playstyle either. But yeah my point was that i think necro is generally speaking best singletarget dps across the board, then you ofc have fights that favor x and y

I can agree on that