Best damage dealers


I’m a returning player and the game changed a lot.

Can you give me a brief review of the best damage dealers? Is HoX still the worst at everything in this game (just a joke, relax)?

Remember, no point in asking to balance this or that or pointing fingers, i’m asking because I want to know more about the current patch and I have nobody to talk to right now.

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All the “damage” classes are pretty good now with maybe ranger being the class that falls shortest in terms of DPS compared to the others, at least in PVE. Also the most bland class, at least in my opinion.

Question really is what kind of play style you want, caster or melee dps. HoX probably isnt the worst idea if your’e just getting back in the game, you’ll get to experience the nice combat system the game has to offer (what a lot of people point out to be the thing that makes AoC stand out from other MMOs) and at the same time experience the caster side also.

Oh I’m actually rerolling to a PoM, but I’ve played with almost all classes already.

With critical damage runes and 7% critical potions, I can only imagine that DT is still the best tank/dps/healer in the game.

If all classes are viable that’s the only thing that matters in the end.

HoX got a nice push with the t5 run, but not many t5-raids are offered atm, so it’s not that easy to get it fast.

Same counts for barb.

Sin is a very good at single-target fights.

Demo and necro are good at single-target fights as well as fighting multiple targets.

All healers are a good choice if plain damage is too boring and you want to heal as well. Imho tos is the most boring of the 3 healer classes.

Tankwise Dt is dealing highest damage while tanking, but all tanks can do almost all tanking tasks easily if played properly.

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My opinion (I don’t have opinions they don’t matter only facts)

Barbarian is the most Versatile and Fun Class to Level/ PvE with PvP with and Equip and Progress.

  1. Leveling: Very fast leveling. Just run around in Reaver stance, charge with Blitz, position mobs together, Stun, Kick, Knockback. butcher them. Take them also with your Bow while pulling. You can also play a bit of Ranger with your Barb during that time and Stealth.
    Strategically outmaneuveur your opponent and Crush him while being capable to survive well.
    It’s good to learn Weapon Switching early on too.

  2. PvE/ Groups/ Raids: No need to worry about staying Ranged. No need to worry about Tanking. No need to worry about Healing. You have all the freedom to just focus on Unshielded Sides and punch the Damage as high as possible with less frustration plus if you get damage in Melee Range you can still Survive.
    You can also Solo Magnus at some point once you learn the class well.
    Gear and AA are not something you Pluck your Hair out for them. Just Play along.

  3. PvP: Much less AA dependant then Tanks obviously because you do high dmg and only one thing you need to focus (How you outmaneuvered and took out the mobs during leveling) That’s right! Treat everything and everyone like a MOB!
    No one can outrun you. No Bunnyhopping Kiter/ Caster can go away from you while on speed buff. You outrun everything you ambush everything you run around faster than everything and thats pretty much your job. Run around and Cleave Heads off!
    You are a threat even to Tanks if you play well and don’t have to fear Melee Range.

That annoying Demo that casts Shockstrike and CCs while Fleeing who cries out ‘‘Can’t catch me, can’t catch me’’ :rage: because this game lacks propper caster close Range mechanics with Staffs and such and relies on Kiting? Just run it down and Slay the Hell out of it!

Barb best Class and the least Frustrating in this Game in all its aspects! And that is a Fact!

This is a Barb Review/ Reccomendation.
Of course it will be on High Testosterone Levels and Angry! It’s Barb damn it!
Anyway just wanted to Rant about something.

I agree that Barb is one of, if not the best DPS class, however losing reaver stacks is the most annoying sh*t ever, and a lot of times this is out of your control. T5 rune gives an additional +25% duration which is nice. However, whenever I play assassin it feels so much better to just go straight into a fight and never have to think about the stacks.


Tell me about it. Back in the fray helps with that, but you have to pay attention not to use it too late, and still pauses between fights take too long sometimes anyway.


Well thats actually true and a bit unfair with Barb since Carnage Conq (A Tank - Dps Spec) is less frustrating with more reliable DPS control in that matter.
There isn’t much you worry about other than keeping Bladeweave up and pop Rend Flesh and your Technique. Rotation is also too simple (Boring as Hell) and Fierce Inspiration will always just go up without having to worry about it. (Kinda a shame most hate to take Carnage Conqs in Raids as DPS but i promise not to Rant against them ‘‘Again’’ in this Thread)

I mean there is nothing that can go wrong. It’s indeed Unfair for Barb and one thing that needs tweaking. My Point is that Carnage requires ‘‘Less Effort’’ for DPS and is only more Frustrating because if you want to be a Career Carnage you wont get Accepted much in Raids.

(I would recommend it otherwise because its even more Versatile than Barb and Brings enough to the Group/ Raid including a Rez/ Battlefield Commander Buffs/ Banners/ Warlord Feat etc. I blame Raid Leaders for this.)

Assasin surely has the most Reliable and High Burst damage. No doubt about that.

The reason why soldier dps doesn’t really work in this game is because of how aggro works. Soldiers/soldier combos by default have extra hate generation so even with comparable -hate a barb will be able to push way harder than a conq can.

Barb provides way stronger buffs compared to conq even if they’re temporary, but indeed doesn’t have combat res.

And you are wrong about sin having the strongest reliable burst. The current order based on Zelandra parses would be PoM, HoX poss burst spec, necro/extremely lucky barb. Sin is really fun though and really good.

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That’s up to them to get the propper tools for DPS.
Never saw HoX surpassing Sin but maybe their Parsing was wrong or they weren’t that good or well Equipped. Interesting.

The problem is that exist players who want to specialize on something. This is more of an issue with Conqueror (Carnage vs Brute) because it interfers with Playstyle and Combo/ Ability Keybinds and muscle memory including the need to hoard a ton of Gear. (Not an issue with DT or Guard)
That’s why many who play Brute don’t have a Carnage spec because the setup is entirely

And clearly Funcom designed Carnage as an option for Conqs to specialize with including T3.5 and T4 options to either go for Brute or Carnage with Barb Arsenal. The Milites Templi Set does have a all in one Physical Tanking/ Carnage purpose and the Tanking Weapons were designed according to T3 meant to be combined with T3 Protection accesories.

But you cant specialize on Both and Master them especially if you PvP with it as well. So you find more Brute Mains or Carnage Mains and the latter is being disregarded alot. It can certainly stay propperly in Frenzy with the right equipment and top the parse in dps if managed well.

But i think that’s also the problem. Most people hate DT too only because of DPS parsers even if he can Tank and Survive just fine. But to be fair DT doesn’t share Aggro so it’s a completely different story which is not the case with Carnage who avoids aggro in the first place but can still off-tank when necessary.

It’s based on a 30-40sec fight, hox having the t5 rune (OP stuff) and getting a bit lucky. You’ll usually see decent sins doing 130-150k dmg there while a decent poss hox will do 140-190k (this high variance is pure crit luck). It’s one of the few truly burst fights in the game.

As for hotkey muscle memory it definitely happens, but it has less to do with changing spec of a class and more to do with not playing a certain class/spec much. The same can happen if you log a different class that you haven’t played in a long time and you will see yourself messing up on keybind that you were used from something you are actually playing.

And yeah, needing a lot of varied gear is a soldier issue for sure and it’s probably the worst on conq out of the 3.