What determines where a purge happens?

I have four bases a bed at all of them but only one base ever gets purged an it’s not always the bed I’m bound to on that base all bases are put gable but only one is every hit the other three not once

To the best of my awareness Chaos it is completely random unfortunately. At least that seems to be the majority consensus anyway. However, I have noticed the same thing, and a few other peculiarities too. I have (well had) three bases myself. They are:

  1. A T1 sandstone tower, 3 storey, on the newbie river. This was my first house.
  2. My second and main base. A T3 black ice compound, two storey. Situated on the grassy area between the River and Jungle.
  3. A recent addition. A small sized T3 reinforced stone hut in the Unnamed City. This was mainly just built to test a bug in a previous thread.

Strangely enough, the only base which has ever been purged for me so far was the Sandstone one (my first one). Even after I moved most of my stuff to the black ice cimpound. Strange, as I expected the bigger, higher tier base to be the more likely target. This is pure speculation here, but I am actually starting to wonder if there is a subtle bug which ties them to a certain base. Chaos, is the one that keeps getting purged on your game the first base you built or not?

If there is a particular base you want the purge to appear at, my best advice at this point in time (which is hardly proven) would be as follows. Try to increase the ‘hub’ factor there. Ie- try building it bigger, using some more higher tier materials, add more thralls, a shrine, crafting stations, and more placeables. Also try storing a good reserve of resources (stone, wood, bricks, etc) there too, be they high grade or otherwise. This has been my approach so far, but the results are too preliminary, and I still need more time to test this. I can keep you posted on the results if you would like.

In the meantime Im not sure if you happened upon it yet or not, but there is another short thread exploring this issue, which you can read for some additional information if you like. It is:

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On my current map , purge level 6:

  • my first house at noob river - 3 foundations - never got hit
  • my second base - T1 cliff north of Corner of Bones - gets all attention

After the first purge I built:

  • my 3rd base - T3 Frostspire Chasm - never got hit
  • my 4th base - T3 in the flats just north of Corner of Bones - never got hit

Looks like the purge sticks to my first decent base. At the time of the first purge it had about 70 foundations.
And both my bed and bedroll were at this location.

At the moment my 3rd base has the bedroll, but it never gets hit.

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It is in fac crom my first base that keeps getting hit I just built a big house on noob river near the shattered bridge I gonna spend the bulk of my time there destroyed all beds except the one on the river wanna see if maybe more time spent at that base can influence where it happens at at all

Thank u both for ur responses aswell

@Chaos31469 and @Chaonike. Ok it really is starting to seem like it is tied to your first respectable sized base. I am going to try and throw a spanner in its works and tease out a few variables here. The ‘well had’ in my previous post denotes an experiment. Basically I have torn down all of my first (the Sandstone) house now except for several crafting stations. They are being left behind for three reasons:

  1. To see if this mere husk of a base still attracts the purge
  2. So that after the new patch in testlive now, I can simply return them to my items instead of scrapping them
  3. just to ease the workload on the game/ps4. It has been taking a lot longer to load lately, and my partner had frequent crashes when her base got too large

However it is number 1 which is the subject of the testing. In addition to number 1, I will also test if the purge still shows up there after the base is ENTIRELY gone (goodness I hope not) and which it will select next.

Oh and a quick question Chaonike. What did you mean when you described your purge as level 6? Do you mean that it is your 6th purge in total? Or do enemies gradually increase in numbers, difficulty, type, etc? Help me out here…

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Purge waves got a level, from imps at noob river (level 1) to frost giants and stuff in the ice biome (level 6).
I tried to get stuff like frost giants in Frostspire Chasm, but it never gets any purge visit.

Ahhh yes I know what you mean now. There is also a couple of distinct possibilities for who /what the purge will consist of. For example, my first few purges (on the Newbie river) were just imps. But the later ones were Dafari. Another example, I have heard that some in the Snow get frost giants, while others even get mammoths.

As I understand it: Some building pieces/placeables provide one or more “threat points”, the more threat points a structure has, the more likely it is to be targeted. I am not sure whether this system is live, in TestLive or only planned - since Purges are permanently broken on my (official) server and has been since Pets Patch part 2.

I would’ve thought that the purge location would happen on which base you are near to as I usually have purge in my main base. Once I was in the jungle when the purge started on the bridge west of the jungle with a bunch of gorillas.

Thank u crom looking forward to what u come up with I’ve built a new base on noob river destroyed all other beds but the new one on the river not touching other bases til my purge happens wanna see if I spend most of my time there I influences it at all

There are a lot of changes afoot for the Purge. Whatever is correct now has a strong likelihood of being outdated in the next patch or 3. So hang onto your hats.


I thought purged were broken on my server aswell but I beat the game walk through the green wall started over about that time Conan went on sale at xmas now that there are new clans playing its happening again on a regular basis makes me wonder if the purge is tied to the survive a purge journey step an when all on the server have completed it it just doesn’t happen ?possiblely just a bug tied to that journey step has been holding it back from happening

That sounds really interesting Mikey. If that is the case, it would essentially be driven by size (correct me if I am misreading this peoples). From the sound of what you are telling me, while not all items would contribute points(?), the more you have there and the more we build, the higher the likelihood of that bases threat points being elevated above that of others. Hence as the size and threat points grow, the probability of the purge appearing at that location would increase too.

Yeah after what Mikey told me, I going to try and tinker with another variable now; an over supply of placeables. HEAPS of chairs, jugs, trophies, you name it. But as Multigun said, the rules may well go straight out the window soon too.

Yeah thats true Multigun. I may well have to test then retest later. At the rate my purge meter increases, ill probably only get one (maybe two tops) purges before the update. I will see what I can observe between now and then.

I had over 8 locations on the same server over time (down to 7 at the moment) and back when purge was not receeding over time, it hit 4 different bases (some multiple times). The only two that were full purges (every wave and a boss included) hit the same base and that base was hit 4 times. At the time I built it, it was the 4th base I built. Because it has a large outer wall and stands in a “re-enactment ghost zone” I figure it somehow upped its odds. Also, the same identical raid it hit 4 times… so what you get hit by is zone influenced. (Yes, this was stated by Funcom, but I have proof to it - even if in small samples). I can’t wait to see what changes are made as I’m PVE and its the only real challenge I have beyond soloing bosses. (BUT WAAAY more fun) I just really hope they change it to appear when you are on. Or, maybe a replay feature… :grin:

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