What happend with graphics?

I just came online on my server and i was supprised to see that the graphic was worse and what is this stupid delay they have put on your char when you gona run??

So far i cant see any difference in the small lag when you come to your fort but ill give it some days and hope they fix these things.

the stupid delay is their solution so ppl cant escape that easy lol. They probably just didnt think that everyone gonna suffer with it.

Ok, i can see that the stuff inside fort is being visible faster, load faster.

Please change back the delay on my char, when running around a corner it feels like youre on ice.

Why not make an option if you want to have an pvp or pve server, when making pvp server you can have these stupid things thats is for no good use in pve.

Its allways the same in all games like this, change everything like the pvp people want and screw up the fun pve are.

They did it in AoC to.

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