What happened to the crawl stroke?

I noticed the new crawl stroke animation my character does while on the water surface is gone as of today’s patch, will you guys be bringing it back in the future?

hmmm WHAT?

Characters since patch #33 are not swimming underwater by default. so why would they be out of breeze?

Or I may terribly misunderstood something.

:joy: Hey!

I guess Crossforge meant the new swimming animation while swimming instead of diving. We had a new animation there. I didnt pay attention to it on testlive - if you (@Crossforge) even meant testlive… Uhm…

Anyway, I would guess its a bug, not a feature.

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Yes I did, that particular surface animation is called a front crawl or freestyle stroke. As opposed to the breast stroke which is what is now used when diving underwater.

In any case my mistake, it appears to be a glitch and my character has gone back to freestyle on the surface, after bracelet suiciding. Though now the hair and cloth physics have stopped working, but that’s an old temporary bug that happens from time to time, should fix itself. I suppose this could be moved to the bug section.