Katana Heavy attacks make you a super swimmer

I guess this should be a bug, but since it’s only possible on testlive I’m putting it here. If you use a heavy attack with a Katana into the water while holding forward . . . you go for a pretty fast swim :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL… secret anime dash swim method technique


Thanks for the report @Teitaka!

This is definitely a bug, and it also happens with the heavy attack with the one-handed sword! :smile: It’s fairly minor, so we might let it be for now

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@Jens_Erik, I would respectively disagree. I am not familiar with the technique - but I know that this is leveraged (the Sword Lunge) to travel exceptional distance through the air when beginning on a siege “diving board” foundation stack. With the sword lunge, you can build up to a couple of blocks higher than the target asset’s anticlimb, and then use this method to pop right over the defenses.

This can be executed without a need to respect into a “jump safe” agility build, and encourages land claim spam to defend against.

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Thanks for pointing this out to me. If you have any additional details on how this is performed I’d love to hear it. Just DM me :slight_smile: I tried reproducing it, and I was able to reach significantly farther when sprinting and jumping, compared to just lunging forward with the sword.

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I have linked a thread, which is in part about a player who suffered an ugly offline raid because of the 16-block exploit. Quiting after 1600 hrs

The 1H sword lunge has been part of the game since at least the latter portion of the Spring of 2018. Prior to my reporting it, I was told it had been reported to Exploit Hunters. The 2H 16-block lunge is somewhat newer, and is a favorite of Eastern players, and after having watched them it was pretty clear it’s button-mashing or macros. The OP from the other thread, @Aspenza, says it employs a macro and is willing to show you how. :smiley:

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Message sent. :smiley: Thank you!!

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oh please let it be xD

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