What happens to Manifestation of Zeal after altar gets deconstructed?

Hello there,
I just placed my Altar and was doing some crafting as i noticed tha altar was a little bit…out of the room center.
i just wantet to re-placed it but as i was trying to remove the “Manifestation of Zeal” it sas it cant be removed.
what happens to them if i destroy my altar? (by myself not other players)

It sits in a bag. You can’t do anything with it.
It’ll just despawn eventually.

Honestly I wish they would add a way to remove the real, even if it’s some sort of tool.

Depending on the type of altar, you may be able to very easily generate hundreds of zeals.

Really you can do that with any altar. Just load it up with mats and create the harvesting tools ad infinitum.

Yes, but some generate more than others. Some tools create 1, while others create 10.

Setite Ritual Knife = 1 Zeal
Mitraen Ankh = 1 Zeal
Hoar-frost Hatchet = 1 Zeal
Yog Cleaver = 5 Zeals
Derketo’s Kiss = 10 Zeals

All are easy, yes. Perhaps I should have said “quickly” instead.

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