Religion questions

Fron certain moment all religious tools not giving any manifestation of zeal, even if we build new altars. It is a bug or some kind of feature?

Also, one of the game’s tips says that you are able to steal manifestations after destroying other altars if you are worshiping rival god, but i haven’t figure out how to do that. Can anyone explain?

Nobody knows? Or nobody tells…

Funcom Customer Support won’t be able to provide general gameplay information and tips like this. Moving this to general so that other players might be able to offer help.

Creating the basic tool at any alter no longer produces manifestations of zeal. You must instead make something else. This was an intended change.

As for stealing, no clue. I would assume that if you are on a PvP server you could destroy the alter much like you would a wall. A loot bag would remain containing any items in the alter which you could loot.

No, loot bag does not contains manifestations.

Odd… I know when I have scrapped a temple (we were moving to a new location on the map), a loot bag dropped with the manifestations of zeal there, but they could not be looted. It may be something that was taken out of the game but the tip was not.

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I wish dev’s could clarify that instead of moving thread to global…

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