What has happened to 1588

This server has been dealing with horrific lag spikes for a while now and funcom hasn’t replied.

Thanks funcom. you did a great job.


Dead server.

I don’t get it. It says ping is 76 in your screenshot. How is that horrific lag?


wish i would have 76 ping

I am talking about the player count. They didn’t fix the issues with the server fast enough and it killed it.

Pfft. Wait until the first Free Weekend. You’ll get more newbs than you can handle :wink:

By the way, was 1588 that PVE-C server where they had this wall at the entrance to the Unnamed City and you had to swing from the ceiling over a spiked pit? Or did I confuse it with some other server? Because if that’s the one, then good riddance to the people who do that…

it was a pvp server. Also noobs are not going to join a dead server.

They will join the servers with high pop first before they touch a dead server.

Besides this post is about the lack of action and response from funcom. Its not like this happened over night. The server used to be full but then slowly kept losing players due to the high lag issues.

No one wants to play on a server where you can’t even do anything for hours at times.

If I would decide to move to PvP and become a n00b, I definately would start on a low population server first just to get used to it. That’s one for the dead (“dead”) servers :wink:

That is so funny, clever and horrible all at the one time. :laughing:

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