What I dislike about the new purge

Hi guys,

New purge is bad thread :joy:

So we are all enjoying the epic battles new purge had brought.
I like it too, buy there are few things I dislike:

  1. problems with spawning the purge in many locations - we need to build secondary mini-bases just to find the spot where purge spawns.

  2. arcade-ish feel the new purge has… The old one had a feeling and a sense to it, my base grows, eventually “they” are going to try and attack me. Also it’s inevitability was adding to savage atmosphere of Exiled Lands.

The new purge mechanically is very cool, as the event I like it. But the way it’s being triggered etc feels like an arcade minigame inside the game. It’s not immersive.

I’d like to see some new mechanics that actually spawns that new purge, be it some timer, or return of the “actions counter” (could be optional on some (private) servers)

Right now it feels like a separate mini game where players spam the purge and can farm gold and resources from it whole day… and it should be a struggle for survival :crazy_face:

Would it be possible to bring mentioned extra mechanics for private server owners in the future? Like the action counter that spawns the purge…?


Thinking back to what the Purge was originally intended to be, the Purge should also come after people who have collected one or more keystone pieces. The more pieces you have, the more intense the Purge. These Purges would be Thoth-Amon’s mercenaries (“Relic Hunters”) rather than Stygian military, because there are two different agendas going on behind the scenes.

This wouldn’t apply to Siptah, but that would just make the two maps more different.

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this… my biggest problem too
old purge was ideal from conceptual side (how it was made another topic)

  • local tribes and beasts try to recapture their land from the players
  • element of threat and surprise (some1 gonna attack, but who and when?)
  • helps (in theory) clearing the server from old and abandoned bases
  • give purpose to the army of thralls and pets (PVE especially)
  • players design their bases with possible online\offline siege in mind
  • on PVE servers thats the ONLY option fight actual siege\base defense

New purge is cool, but its completely erase everything above. Triggerable invasion AKA tower defence is cool idea and gives more variety to the game, but completely against the whole idea of the purge.
New purge force players to create special base for the event only (most of player bases are build to be hard to raid, not convenient!).

On pve servers, now, there is no purpose to design your base with the idea you will have to protect it, because no1 gonna attack it ever.

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Also now we have “purge bases” where the wave has to enter the obstacle course maze to reach the door, because they go straight for the door. So you can design the “purge base” this way that they are going to die before they reach the door.

I definitely would like to have an option to make the purge destroy the base buildings to get to the chest. I’d like to have these options in vanilla game without adding yet another mod.

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Or just make both of them.
New purge is controllable.
Some sort of PVE treasure\tower defense event (they are after the treasures, not the base).
Old purge is just basic random part of the game (pvp\pve) - wild life or tribes are gonna strike you, their goal, to evict you from the lands (they are after the base itself).
I don’t see why both of these ideas can’t exist together.

Yes, and so nobody complains, add an equivalent of the Convergence Trap to the Exiled Lands for people who don’t want the classic purge :+1:

I can understand the argument that having to always be online to defend in case a purge happens is not good, and so the option to prevent the classic purge at a cost is definitely a good idea, it just needs to be on both maps :slight_smile:

And of course, it doesn’t invalidate the new purge with treasure :person_fencing:

I have no idea why Funcom had bothered with removing the old Purge in their server app for private servers. It all looks like the new one is a completely new thing, so why not leave the classic purge for private servers (we were able to switch off the purge anyway)?

Having both purges…


well, i have 1000 hours in game, 500 probably single player, but other 500, official servers, i got purged while offline only once (they managed to damage 1st line of defence)
maybe I am lucky but purge activated only online each time for me

I’ll leave it here because it’s funny :joy: Mr youtuber, it’s not yet chapter 3, let’s wait a bit more :rofl:

Check that maze full of doors made of 1x1 rooms :rofl: this is what I meant in my last post.

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