New purge rocks

I gotta say this new purge system is super fun! I wish the demolishes wouldn’t break down doors so quickly but man it’s riot. Had loads of fun. But wanting, when you get to level 8 those head hunters are brutal.

Was worried how well the new purge system would be but I’m really impressed how well they did it!! Nice job Funcom! My thanks!


Im loving it, awesome change.

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I’m not at all a fan of the new system. It takes completely away the random aspect of getting purged. It’s like a food delivery.

The good thing about the old purge was that you started a new game, started building and a rising purge meter. So you started preparing for a defense and hoping a) that your base survives it and b) maybe getting a good named thrall out of it.

This is completely gone.


We had started a 3 purge yesterday, was also really fun but easy. Now I wanted to start a level 5 and the stupid Stygs probably can not find the place where they built their base yesterday.

Now I’m standing here and can’t start a purge anymore.

In front of my base is plenty of space
Not a really cool game experience actually.


I did the old purges mainly for the T4 thralls. Always had fun collecting those. You never knew which one you will get and what purge you will get. If human, animals or even bosses. Now you need this stupid coffer and gold and a clear pathway and bla but no T4s to capture while fighting. Just ridiculous behaving conga lining npc´s I need to clear so the camp finally spits me out some T4´s. Boring as f… and it takes the randomness and surprise and fun out of the game.

Again one feature and thing less for me to do in the game. But what to expect from a company that is selling 5 decoration pieces for almost 20 bucks.


This sounds like a bug. Better report it so sooner all of us get purges that actually work.

Try to move and place a thrall somewhere. If every place you try says “must be placed on walkable floor”, that is the problem. There is a bug that has suddenly made the entire map unwalkable, which is the reason way the Stygian camps can’t build anywhere. This has also caused NPCs to freeze in place. Go see if any of them, including animals, are able to walk around freely.

it worked yesterday, why now not anymore?!

Havent build anything since the purge started the first time.


Ive had difficulties placing certain placables for a long time, but I thought the problem was in those placables and not in the map itself…

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I was playing earlier in the day and it was fine, then suddenly in the same day before the scheduled restart, the unwalkable floor bug appeared.

I wonder if its related to the teleporting thralls bug…

I have found the purge works fine unless there are a lot of people on the server. Soon as my server hits 10 players i get the purge and thrall bug. Seems like a data transfer bottle neck.

Would be more fun if it wasn’t so buggy

I’m in the middle of the desert with nothing around me, a single treasure coffer, and the purge can’t find a path to the place.


I suspected this purge patch was going to lag the heck out of the servers, and it looks like I was right.

With the old purge it wasn’t uncommon for the server to experience a little bit of lag and have everyone ask “is someone having a purge?”
Someone was. Just that one purge lagged the server.

Now multiple people can start multiple purges all at the same time, 24 hours a day.
The official servers are going into meltdown.


I don‘t really like it, too.
As other player mentioned, the only reason for me to play the purge was to knock out some t4 thralls.
It may be fine for people who don‘t want to get purged or just at low levels with less expectations.

How is the new system not a win for you, then? You still fight waves of enemies, and (with luck) get rewarded by T4 thralls. Now you just don’t need to worry about accidentally killing the T4’s during the Purge, and you can trigger the Purge whenever you feel like it, rather than whenever the game feels like it.

And you don’t need to waste time with useless Purges of angry ostriches or snakes or rocknoses.

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You get new recipes too. I got the feats for elite stygian veteran armor set, army rations and a siege cauldron with fire. It’s worth it, even though i got 3 new doors to my house and lost 1000 gold bars.
I strongly advise to get some friends to do it and at least 20 thralls(bearers if possible).

I think this looks great. I’ve watched a few people do them and it looks fun. going to try it this weekend.

AoW ch1 was very disappointing. This actually looks great. Just need to build a base worthy of it and build some defenses first.

You cant accidentally kill Purge T4 crafter if there are no T4 crafters spawning



Do notice that a base that is worthy of the new Purge needs to be out in the open, no gates, no doors and the Coffer basically on your front porch for the apparently disabled stygians to be able to make it there.

Granted, the new Purge is better than the old one when it does trigger, but a lot of people - me included - are facing the same issues of the Purge not spawning or not being able to find a path to the Coffer and calling it quits all of a sudden.

From the videos i’ve watched there could be many reasons for that. A foundation being destroyed all the sudden not leaving a path to the coffer. Many doors confusing the ai. I’m thinking a simple build with well thought out choke points. maybe make the coffer on foundation very very close to ground level. I’m going to give it a try and see if i can make a somewhat simple but easy to defend fort.