WHAT ? ..I woke up / locked in, NAKED and WITHOUT ANY ITEMS on me?

Go into admin mode in SP, click god mode on before logging out.

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put you armor and weapons etc in a container before going to sleep for the next session. It may be more comfortable. FUNCOM is implementing a rare sleepwalking mechanic that gets you killed when you log off source: unknown, reliability: unconfirmed

Probability: high

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Yes WTF !
It’s just happened again, for me.
I’m playing single-player, First I died of hunger, and then again I died tree - four times on my bedroll, of hunger. When I returned to the game MY DEAD BODY WAS NOT ON THE 1. SPOT. And only ONE naked body on my Bedroll.

I acutely stopped playing this game, Conan Exiles 1½ year ago, because of the SAME issue

I would check for setting that says your not logged in for server setting.

I mostly have issue with how base loads during load screen causing me to fall thru, dieing to cold or heat is base not loading… but my character is standing about.

But hungry? Have yet to have that happen. (inless you have really high drain setting + long load screen)

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I think that’s not good enough !!!

It works though :yum:

It can not be true! That we / I have to go to the CHEAT PANEL and spend a long time getting all the items back, just to play the game. It is not good enough!!! :frowning: