WHAT ? ..I woke up / locked in, NAKED and WITHOUT ANY ITEMS on me?

I locked out FULLY DRESSED in my home base, BUT woke up / locked in, NAKED and WITHOUT ANY ITEMS on my character…
No “Gravestone” icon on the map. Singleplayer, not “solo”. 100 hours. Steam. Not many mods installed and they still all works
WTF? That’s not funny at all. :frowning:
… THIS ISSUE is STILL an OLD ISSUE ! Fix it please.

Because I know this is going to come up at some point: Did you mean solo or using the single player function of the game?

Waking up naked generally means you died at some point while logged out. Heat, cold, some jerk with a quiver full of gas arrows, something out there killed you. But if you are using single player, that shouldn’t ever happen simply because the server shuts down every time you exit the game.


Just spit balling here, If you are playing single player, perhaps you had some mods installed and when you reloaded the single player game, those mods weren’t enabled. Therefore all modded gear and placeables would’ve disappeared?

I am not familiar with this ‘issue’ and have been around the forums for awhile. If you are familiar with what causes this, perhaps the best way to get it fixed it to create a bug report to help the devs reproduce and fix it


I’m playing single player… Anyway, there should be an “gravestone” icon on the map then?


Which platform are you on?

Maybe… But I stopped playin this game 1½ year ago because same issue. Also as a “solo player”.

Sounds like someone drank to much :wink:

I’m playing on Steam

Well if you lost anything of value, you could possibly load a backup. Alternatively you could just spawn lost items via admin panel so as not to lose any progress. If you’re unsure how to do either, let me know.

P.s. Did you check your event log for the cause of death?

Were you on a bed? There’s an old bug that some people encounter where you die if you log out on a bed.


Kinda sounds like some kind of ancient curse or a horror movie. “Death shall come on swift wings to whoever logs out on a bed.” :scream:


My guess is bed glitch or fell asleep next to a working furnace. :bed::fire:

OP is clearly stating that he is playing singleplayer game, none of these will be an issue since the game server stop immediately once he exit the game and pickup from that same point when launching the game again, it doesn’t matter how much time has passed between sessions - something else must be the problem, maybe mod related :slight_smile:


I might just be reading this weirdly, but what do you mean by locked in? Are you stuck inside one of your own buildings?I’ve heard a little bit of this before, but only very rarely

Some times when I first log in it takes a few moments before my inventory shows up, but my worn items are still visible even though I can’t see them in the inventory

I think they mean “logged” instead of “locked”:


Cept when game loads your base wonky, or during load screen you burn to death… and it respawn you next to your bed.
game finishes loading

I’ve woken up under my base, in floors, half in ceiling… I’ve heard death music kick in during load in screen.
Dead plently of times logging into single player. XD
Why I tend to log out on lowest floor, away from my crafting stuff. =/

I think you are correct, it was even my assumption but thought to ask just in case it was a clue


WTH, I also logged out 5 hours ago, and when I just logged in im sitting naked in my base next to my bed(where I left him) and hes fully naked… Checked logs and said I died of starvation. Why?? Im playing Single Player offline… This keeps happening WTF?? IIs there something Im missing?? Please help . It takes forever to get resources and make higher end gear … very annoying

It’s ok friend, we’ve ALL been there,

Oh wait, you meant in the game?.. well in that case: It’s ok friend, we’ve ALL been there.


Sounds like me in the morning