What is decay time for big base?

Just a simple question and the other posts are from 2018-before, also i’m the only one on server. I am on official PvE C

I have built a huge base recently with probably 100 foundations and now on the 4th floor. 5th encumbrance perk and master repair kits are extremely easy lol and it’s black ice. Which is my problem…

Why is my timer only 1 week? In Ark the higher tiers had more time. And i have seen people with 600something hours so how can i get that? 1 week is way too short. And no, i’m not joining a private server just so the owner stops paying after a month

1 week is the standard max time for officials. If you want to play officials, you will have to deal with the short decay

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168 hours


So what happens if i have to go somewhere for a week? I’m a solo player because apparently other tribe members have full access which is a hell NO for me

Ask someone to bomb ur base while ur gone, (bomb meaning, place an explosive jar and reset the timer).

this is the only exploit i share…

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@Ozymandias430 If there is noone to reset the timer of your base, you will likely have nothing to return to. Your character remains in the world but may die at any point, so storing loot in it is risky to say the least.

Depending on the server you play on, people may be able to loot your base once its decayed. After a short grace period (I think 24h for officials!?) your base will be wiped. Players are also able to demolish it once decayed.

You said private servers are a no no for you, then you will have to take the above into consideration if you want to continue playing officials and alone.

Take a laptop with you, something that can launch the game, no matter how slow and bad graphics. Log in. Log out.

It’s rough being a single-player on officials because of the decay timer.

If this is going to work, may sure you are able to get close to everything you built that is considered independent of each other.

In my opinion, this is a feature rather than a bug. :stuck_out_tongue: :smiley:

OP, have a friendly player do what NORfem suggests. All they need to do is put down an explosive jar, wait a few seconds, and then pick it back up.

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