What is going on with 1580 (and others)?

Server 1580 on PC has been crashing every night now for over a week straight. This is a new problem that we never before faced. We can usually see it coming too, as the a server starts to lag to where NPCS can’t be killed, resources can’t be gathered, etc.

And it almost always happens during raid hours, with the exception of last night where it crashed shortly after raiding ended. And of course, regardless of how many of us use the server report tool, it doesn’t come back up until the automatic restart in the morning. Which is sometimes 12 hours of downtime each night.

The population can’t take much more of this FUNCOM… please figure it out.

This is happening on private servers as well. Game just crashes when we reach population limits. Never really happened before the patch. Now, its many times a day.

This needs to be made a priority fix.

Been happening most nights on 1502 as well, typically right as the first Purges begin, which naturally coincides with when the most people are logged-in.

Hey there,

I’ll be sending note to our team about server stability problems and see what could be causing it so widespread.
as usual, I would like to remind everybody that this form is also available in-game to report any outages and issues regarding server hosting.

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Thanks, and yes… been using the heck out of that form lately! :sweat_smile:

Looks like it’s time to hit up ye olde form for 1502 again. Hope it’s only a single crash tonight, and not 3 like a couple nights ago…

Quick update:

We have escalated this issue and our team is investigating what is causing these problems online.
Thank you everybody for your feedback.

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