1516 is down... Crashes coming unpredictably now. Downtimes are inconsistent

Considering there is no way to report a server going down, where do we take this issue now?

Hey @Super_Fluous

G-Portal has been looking into it and it seems this server is bringing RAM usage in that particular machine over the edge, causing these issues mentioned. Are there a lot of buildings and thralls in this server?

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Yes there are. Most notably, and you could ask ANYONE on the server, the clan has buildings, walls, and thralls everywhere but they ONLY get on to refresh. They used to have roads across the map connecting every single build and that linked each timer. Two nights ago, I checked a timer on their build. It said 41 hours and then it ticked up to 168 (they refreshed) and the MOMENT this happened we went down for an hour.

I had reported the spam like land claim of theirs before and they removed the roads, but the massive amount of bases with connect timers remains the same.

The other larger clans and myself have recognized the build issues. We started removing extra outposts of our own and we’ve been on top of popping decayed bases with CRAZY effiency. There are many other builds that belong to people who only refresh but when they get on we try to explain this.

Is there more we can do on our end (the frequent players) to help fix this?

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Don’t forget the clan, they have insane base and foundation spam all over/around New Asgarth. Probably as much spam as but crammed into one zone.

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Please do not report or accuse other clans or players publicly as that goes against our forum guidelines:

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Sorry! My bad!

But yes, there are two very inactive clans that have a LOT of foundations and thralls.

We’ve spoken to all major clans that play regularly and we’re all giving our bases and follower lists a trim.

Whoops, sorry man. That slipped my mind.

So anyway, we’ve been down for an hour… Was there anything else the regular players can do to help the server NOT crash?


Hey @Super_Fluous

Without a proper look at the database, we’d suggest looking for possible building clutter that could be removed and free some memory. We’ve sent the database to QA to see if they detect any additional issues but at the time of this writing this seems to be caused by too many assets running on that server.

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