What is Heart of a Northener for?

I found a few of these while farming around NA.


for this you need to catch the eminent priest in Asgard

Nice, thank you for letting me know. I finally know! As for the priest, I have 3 named Ymir priests and 3 Ymir archpriests. I’m guessing any one of those will do? I was farming for my 3rd Beri and kept getting them instead.

Only one named priestess can make that potion, and she is new. I have her in my single game… well found her a couple of times. Sorry I am do not remember her name. <“A” something>the Seer.

Yup, Seer something. I have 3 of her in my chest right now… surprisingly she was the most “common” spawn in NA when I was farming for Beri.

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