Northmen hearts?

I need northmen hearts for recepie in Ymir T3 altar (recipie unlocked with T4 priest).

But where do i find it and how to loot it?

I tried Setite Ritual Knife but it gives only human hearts even used on northmen NPCs.

I think that you get one by killing named NPCs in New Asagarth

from any eminent slave in Asgard and surroundings
I usually kill named archers and fighters

What tool needed to harvest it?

no tool, will be in their inventory when you loot them.

Oh… I already killed some and never found one heart.
Maybe because i didn’t have T3 altar unlocked or T4 priest at that time.

So it was a bug…

Nordheimer heart now correctly drops from Tier 4 Nordheimer enemies

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