Heart of a Hero consumable


Hey guys does anyone know where can I get the Heart of a Hero on Isle of Siptah???

Thx for the help

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I believe it is an uncommon drop from certain chests. I could not tell you which chests, but probably the ones that use the same loot table as the chests in Sepermeru.

I have a chest full… got them all in a day or two. I believe they drop from any of the single skull or named (?) human NPCs.

i on’t realy understand you could you please explain better? what kind of chest? the ones in you find around the map???

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they have a 40min expire date how can u keep them in the chest? Yes i know they drop from human npc bosses but where do u find them on siptah?

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Chest, Ice Box… whatever… a container.

For example named fighters in the Lemurian camps… etc.

oh ok, where do I find those camps? the black hand camp is Lemurian?

Lemurian camp is where I got mine. RNG drop because…you know Siptah is like Vegas.

No, not AFAIK - but the hearts may drop there as well. I just used the Lemurians as an example. I get a bunch whenever I go camp raiding and kill everyone - named or not. So just do that… :wink:

could you tell me where are they located on siptah?


Use this:

Thank you I use this already however it does not specify the different factions so I still don’t know which camp to farm

Well, like I said… pretty much any camp that has named thralls. Kill them! Take their hearts!

I’m not 100% sure that’s the case - I only know that when I camp-raid for an hour I usually come back with 5 to 10 hearts. When I searched for your questions a user was quotable as saying: they now drop from named fighters in the Lemurian camps…

@Jimbo is the game lore guy - or one of them. He would be able to tell you more about who is where on the Siptah map. I just run around and kill shirt!

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cheers brp

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I’ve got some Hearts of a Hero from the human minibosses who also drop scraps (for smelting into eldarium).

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There is a camp north west, it is called Arnos camp if I am not mistaken, I will check the map later. My first choice of camping was there because it was spawning unbelievable loot, steel and hardened steel weapons, very easy to kill, extremely easy actually and heart of heroes in chests.
It is an rng thing, you may spend a whole day farming this camp and not gain a single one! Still, I can assure you that in a week I had about 20 hearts and I had to make a fridge just for them.
The bad news…
On my very first purge, that my house was still flotsam, I had accursed purge. So one of them managed to break one of my kitchen walls and a fridge.
Guess what fridge was it :rofl::rofl::rofl:. Good hunting exile and above all good luck!

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At the bottom left side (as u look on map) on the isle of dusk, there is a camp with no name on top of a small rock with a broken elevator at its base.

Up in that camp u will find some black hand pirates, some crafters and priests. There is a stone table with a dead npc on. Next to this npc ON the table is a heart of the hero

Edit: the heart is useless unless u have the bindings of the dead scroll obtained


Thank you guys

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