I don't know where i find this item

Can anyone tell me where a find the “Heart of a hero”? I’ve looking this for soo much time but never found. Is in the isle of siptah, i need for craft the binding of the dead.

Drops from human Relic Hunter one-skull bosses in the Unnamed City.

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But this is in exile lands bro, i need to find in isle of siptah

I’ve not tested it, but Relic Hunters can be summoned by a Greater Surge, crafting an Altar of the West.

Whether or not the bosses of the Relic Hunters will be summoned, I do not know. You’ll have to do some Greater Surges to find out.

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Sadly, I don’t know where to get this on Isle of Siptah. Still, I feel strangely compelled by the question to give this answer:

Maybe, if you look deep into yourself, you will find the heart of a hero there.


I’ve summoned all surges many times, and nothing. :frowning:

300 IQ :rofl:

It might be like the sandreaper gland not added to Siptah yet or its a drop and the RNG might be an issue in ever getting one. You could do up a bug report and then Fucncom can tell you if its on Island or how to find it???

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