How to harvest hearts for Set with update?

Harvesting hearts used to be stab the corpse with the ritual knife. Now that does nothing. How do we harvest hearts for Set?

Short answer is you can’t. Human corpses cannot be harvested by any tool.

Long answer is to spawn them in with admin. Without that, the only functioning religion is Ymir.


To clarify, this is a bug and not as intended.


Dont work harvesting for Mitra either as of now.The dead dont give lingering essence.

Religious tool. Yesterday I was able to harvest some hide, skulls and human meat of the dead human NPC (PC, single player, with a pickaxe). This way you get 2 times more hide then trying to harvest them of deers (obviously, until you learn skinning knife - then you switch to skinning wildlife)

Harvesting humans works in single-player, but it does NOT work in online multiplayer. For example, I accidentally fell in my home while building it, so my corpse is sitting in an area where I would really like to set some storage chests. The body won’t disappear, and I can’t get rid of it with any tool whatsoever.

I used to think it was religious tools that are bugged, but it’s human harvesting that’s bugged. Have they given any ETA as to when they’ll fix that?? I keep hoping every hotfix will address it, but no such luck.