Human hearts and sacrifice

I have a Sepulcher of Set and crafted myself a Setite Ritual Knife.

When I used the knife on a human corpse I got a Human heart but how do I sacrifice it to get Manifistation of Zeal?

Place it in the altar. There should be a craftable “item” there (I forget the exact name) that converts it into a MoZ. I’m assuming you need the feat (can’t remember though), so it’s possible that if you’ve used the Yellow Lotus potion since then, you no longer have the recipe. I don’t bother with altars much, so I’m a little hazy on the specifics.

I had to make an antidote or something it just isn’t clear that you get the manifestation as a by product.

Ah, yeah, it’s not clear.

Most (all?) crafts at the various altars have one or more MoZ’s as a byproduct. The Set altar clothes (tier 2) generate quite a lot of zeals IIRC.

Set outfits make a crazy amount of zeal tokens. But outfit pieces do require 5 hearts each while the hearts go rotting after 30 minutes.

And a bit sad the mens’ outfit comes with nipple piercings, but the ladies’ outfit comes with a towel.

Shhhhhhhhh…Nerf herders are reading this. You might get it nerfed :slight_smile: on PVP.

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If you can make a preservation box or improved preservation box then place the hearts in there (with one piece of ice so box works) if you haven’t gathered enough to use … the preservation box will halt the decay timer
Tested this on the mitra lingering essences when I’ve been away from my base with the Mitra alter and I need to log out with a stack of essences gathered. So I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for the hearts as well.


I can confirm it works for hearts as well (and everything else with a decay timer)

Tell me are they stuck up, half-witted and scruffy looking too?

30 minutes is short enough to cause trouble for transporting. And it’s 30 minutes on normal difficulty. On “barbaric” settings it’s 10 minutes.

On normal mode I can’t just go play and end up with hearts in the end. Hearts will expire before I return. My base is in the flats north of “Corner of Bones”. Getting hearts means I will be hitting The Summoning Place. What is a great farm zone, but not an adventurous one.

But only one heart in the stack will be expire in that time - so then it becomes about planning … want hearts … go out and find an encampment… kill and harvest them all in 10-15 mins … run back to camp …place on alter and craft… if you are going to be out for a longer time -still slaughter all and harvest but accept that for every 20 you collect you will lose 3-4 to decay in that stack.
if you have bases like me away from where my alters are then I store them in the preservation box until I’m doing a run back to my main base where the alter is.
If the closest npc to you are only a small encampment of two or three … then regularly slaughter and store the hearts until you have enough.

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