How to Porperly Sacrifice for Set

I am having issue with the sacrifice portion for set.

I’ve attempted killing with the sacrifical dagger away and on the Altar, I’ve tride harvesting the already fresh dead away and on the altar, and nothing happens.

All the guides I’ve read and seen are out dated and no longer work. If anyone knows a working way to sacrifice to set and get items like the human heart please let me know.

Two things regarding this:

  1. At this current time, human harvesting is “broken”, which means anything you need to harvest from humans will not work in online multiplayer. Last I heard, it does work in single-player.

  2. There’s so many threads regarding this topic that I recommend please use the search function. :slight_smile:

I’ve heard people are spamming the religious clothing in order to grind out zeals.

Hmmmm, not sure how, unless they’re just doing it in SP.

All altar except Ymir can be upgraded to T3 by simply grinding the seals you need (105) each altar total by crafting the weapon, no other way possible atm due to a bug. On Ymir is impossible as you need 300 ice shards total for t3 and the only way that is possible is with the frost axe on trees and that’s bugged.

They are spamming the religious tools (daggers) as they cost very little to make. You currently can not make the clothing because you need items you extract from sacrifices which don’t work.


Ymir doesn’t work with trees any more. They moved it to corpses to bring it in line with the other religions…right before the bug happened. :stuck_out_tongue:

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True, and my brain still told my fingers to type trees LOL, thanks :joy: