What is the actual damage of bleed?

Okay, so I just saw @Wak4863’s video: https://youtu.be/McPaqHEJXCI
At around 40 minutes, the 20 stacks of bleed deaals 89 damage per every second, but the wiki (https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Bleeding) says it should deal only 13.2/s.

Also the wiki says the reaper poison is slightly weaker (25%) than the venom-infused poison and significantly than the scorpion queen venom (half the damage), but the gameplay clearly shows that the venom-infused one and the other from the queen poison deal the same amount of damage.

Is it a bug in the game, or was there a change to the status effects which are not noted in the wiki yet?

I am no expert in using the DevKit but it looks to me that the venom-infused and the scorpion queen one have the same parameters.The reaper one is weaker. They all use different blueprints which makes me think that either I am overlooking something or there was a change at some point or they are split because 2 are buffs/weapon modifications and 1 is a weapon effect. If I am wrong, I would love someone to explain to me why my interpretation is incorrect (DevKit for Dummies, pls).

EDIT: On a second look: venom-infused and scorpion use: DamagePerBuffTick value 2 while the reaper poison uses 1. I am not sure how this translates in the damage.


The wiki is managed by volunteers, from my experience (which is limited) there is often a lot more changes to be made then there are volunteers to make them and things just get missed. It’s likely that the wiki is just out of date.

Without looking at the Devkit yet, I highly doubt that you are wrong, just based on the way you described your process of checking the stats for each. It also confirms what we saw in game during the livestream.

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If I’m correct @Jim1 is one of them, probably he knows something, but I did not see any mentions in the patch notes section of the forum so if the devs intentionally changed the status effects but did not include in the patch notes the wiki editors didn’t know about it either. But I could be wrong.

@drachenfeles I don’t think so; I use them pretty frequently - now that I’ve got 2 big wardrobes full of queen poisons I can use both of 'em yayyy - and saw no difference no matter what weapon type and grade I applied them on to.

My life would be soo much easier having the Devkit to mess around but maan… 168 GBs with this internet connection :frowning:

i dont know if that easy to proove

Oops sorry :upside_down_face:

It needs a playing around and testing. Great results, thanks for the testing!

I live in a very small (500 residents) village with a whooping 1Mb/S “speed”!

I did some testing on the live version to compare to what we saw in the stream yesterday on testlive. There is no difference between live and testlive as far as bleed or poison goes.

Bleed is also the same with Pristine Khari daggers and stone daggers - 89 dmg per sec for a stack of 20
Sand Reaper poison 10 stack 32 dmg per sec
Queen Scorpion poison 10 stack 63 dmg per sec
Venom infused daggers 10 stack 63 dmg per sec

Venom infused daggers 10 stack of poison and 20 stack of bleed 152 dmg per second.


Thank you!

It’s still interesting when did this change come into game. I do not play on testlive, so maybe in my version still the “original” values are in.

Wak mentioned that there the values were the same for him on both live and testlive.

I did not know what ‘live’ means in this case.


So I finally had time to play the game and test the bleed/poison:

  • Bleed (as it should be) is always a fixed value, no matter the tier of the weapon.
  • Bleed DoT does not scale linearly with the number of stacks. It has a w*nky equation, I’m gonna figure it out. Wiki says it deals 1,65 dps with each stack, but as the pictures show, it is not. (at 5 it does 2,2 at 6 it does 2,5 and at max it does 4,45 - weird…)

This one is with stone daggers.

This is with flawless obsidian ones.

This one is a mixture between bleed and poison, with a venom-infused dagger.

This is also a mixture, the festering one (axe).

  • Poison has 3 different types, you can not apply 2 tipes of poison with one weapon at the same type, but you can apply all 3 of them with 10-10-10 stacks if you are quick enough (or have a companion).
  • Sand reaper poison deals the least damage, only half of the others.
  • Venom-infused and the festering one’s poison is the same.
  • In the past you could apply poison to the venom infused weapons but as soon as the poison ‘depleted’ from your weapon, the built-in poison effect disappeared too making the weapon half useful. Now it is gone thankfully.
  • Also poison does not apply 2 dps each stack too, but it seems the queen one does 6,3 while the others deal 3,2. Further testing/calculating needed!

Sand reaper poison:

Scorpion queen poison:

This is exactly the reason i always fix and use the venom infused daggers. Still i use master durability kit on them, i don’t trust the dagger damage but the rest :wink:. My daggers have almost 1k durability, still my boots are not capable to heal them. But i don’t care I repair them every 3 or 4 days, so no problem.

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Just in case someone else reading this 2 years from now doesn’t know the answer, the live version is what most everyone plays. It’s the regular game. Testlive is the beta branch. It’s a special version of the game that lets you test and find bugs for them to fix before they release their updates to everyone on the live version.


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