What is the problem with building on servers

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#pc i got problems with the building on my server you start to build then it throws up a message failed to place building its like its bugs areas cause at one moment you can build in an area then you cant but you can build somewhere for a little bit then it happens there… all my players are trying to build in all parts of the map trying to find places that allow you to build…
i hear that people are saying that its cause funcom hasnt released the newest devkit … why not players are getting upset and leaving the game… something has got to be fixed cause building is the biggest part of this game… this is a issue on alot of servers… i wiped my server once got rid of it and then it found its way back …
i cant keep doing that cause my players wont play… if i lose my players i will give up my server and wont come back to this game ever …i have played this game for a year and a half straight has been my favorite game up til these issues… i have heard that funcom is saying its not our end … bs its your game figure it out or youll lose to many players and people wont buy your game… people are coming in new to this game and experiencing this problem. you got people jumping server to server looking for a server not having this problem…
why cant yall just put the newest devkit out so that modders can finish there mods or update them fully see if that is a part of this issue. plus figure out what else could be the issue causing it…
plus when players die there weapons are dissapearing even if the drop items bagges hotbar being lost on death is all off…
half the settings in the server settings are not working properly
purge doesnt work properly popping up in homes but not working with the set times or working with the settings you set it on …

all these problems happened after patch 33 the new patch has caused all these problems… fix it .,

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