What is the purpose of Fishing now?

With 2.3, fishing and fish became tedious and unnecessary. Bait the traps, wait around for the fish, and remove them before they die off. Seriously, this is like real fishing, except without the fun of a boat, sunshine, and beer.

When you have the fish, no more ichor. You can get oil, but the amounts are so small, it doesn’t pay. I get better results from chopping trees for bark and resin, and throwing that on the alchemy bench.

We used to put fish strips on the wheel, because of the long spoil rate. But now, it’s down from 24 to 1 hour. It’s worse than gruel, so there’s no point anymore.

“But wait!” you say. “What about the special fish and their bonuses?”

Are those bonuses really worth the effort that you ‘might’ get the fish you want? Lotus plants, anyone? Those are guaranteed, and what those people who were inclined to make the potions did before the fish.

Seriously, what point are the fish?


Looks at all my fish trophies behind the bar…

Yeah the fishing system needs some love and I dont mean a pole where we stand by a lake…


‘Baelin’s Fishing Pole’ - functions exactly like a quarterstaff. Allows bojutsu combos :grin:


The way I see it fishing is dead for now better off making positions. in 2.4 you can put plants in dryer and get seeds.


Its not like real fishing…

real basket fishing is place basket, go drink beer, come back and grab fish.
How me and my Family do it. (how my uncle on farm did it)

Need place it in nice spot… so fish use it as safe spot, and you get free nom noms. Bait can be used lure them in. Depending on river, stream they’ll do work for ya. XD

Like older topics on it… they really just need a placement limit, or have older ones not turn on if you place to many.

Or make proper fishing mini game. Something like Zelda 64 or Read Dead 2’s


The bottom line, fishing wasn’t broken, so they “fixed” it. lol


This is so true.

Out of all the mechanics and / or bugs that needed to be ‘fixed’ this really was not one of them.

I’m all for good survival mechanics and immersion the same as the next gamer, but the fish-traps worked fine, until now, lol

Oh well, adapt and change…

At least I now have a use for all the bugs I seem to collect, and by that I mean bug-bugs, not y’know…bugs.

I’m happy they changed it, but it shouldn’t be like it being useless as is right now.

Why am I happy? Players no longer foundation spam to water to get the same decay timer and place a big oil platform…

The mounted rides were horrible that time… like… dismount > jump over foundations > mount > move > dismount > jump over foundations > mount > move… you get it.

I think fish inside a trap should stay alive. Fish don’t die trapped within a few minutes…


I am sure they made the change in regards to server performance. So the ancient tale goes, fish traps would create some unnecessary load on the server the way they operate behind the scenes.

We just replaced it with compost ticks.

I just modded in the old version of fish traps personally. I dont have time to farm bark and ichor for oil… got enough other housekeeping chores to take care of.

You can hit 4 or 5 trees with a Star metal pickaxe, and get upwards of 500 oil. The 5 for 1 ratio at the bench is much better than squeezing fish.

My point was that you basically have to babysit the traps so your fish don’t die off, and you still get a low yield of anything useful.

I agree that the only positive from this is the reduction of the fishing playforms/houses on rivers and lakes.


With the mod I use, I just get the old passive system; no pick wear, just put fish in press and voila.

I dont dispute that the official method isn’t easy (with a T3 or better alchemist) but its just one more thing I’d rather not be doing. Pick a tree and pick a lizard/spider… no thanks.

I personally like the slow game of picking seeds by hand to press into oil.

I still collect fiber by hand and twist my own twine.

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TLDR: Fishing is a cornerstone for learning

Public server, so head on a swivel, Badnews Bearer with 12k HP on short leash. Mats on bearer, all systems go. First we scout a waterfall. Build foundations and a tray for allll the sweet little fish traps. Then find out the traps don’t place. Heh. Enact minesweeper mode. Begin to despair. Sense of adventure kicks in. Badnews and I make nasty meats from the Boss Croc at the hot desert oasis. After messing with the tricky pond bottom for longer than my timer would allow, we relented, still healing, resigning instead to the shore.

Long story short, I built the perfect “drown box” so leveled and well executed I almost drowned in it. Put in my insects and let it cook. Went back to base, thralled, returned to fishbox on my hoss and got all of 169 fish. Woo hoo I’m an oil baron.

Right after pressing this fish, a T3 Smith came out of the wheel. Reinforce? Holy snap! Maybe I try our T3 Alchemist in the Improved Bench? Oil from bark and ichor. Oil for days. It felt like a discovery, and if you go in blind (no pun intended) Conan Exiles really has a lot of it.

So now for every fish trap add a compost box, right, that fixed “server performance”. The fact is they listen to players who don’t have a clue what causes server performance issues. Most of the performance issues are client side or network related.

Actually is busted as far as server drain. But they forgot people would just find a way to spam bait, and thus didn’t really fix the issue, server drain. But by making oil so much easier with T3 Alchie, and removing ichor from consolidant, fishing really is a rp mechanic at this point.

On CE it is, try finding a T3 alch on Siptah, it is much harder. My CE server, I just deleted all of my fish traps as they are a waste of space.

Actually it was easier than I thought…there are a few places within 2 or three runs you can get one pretty quickly. But yes, it still requires one to go thralling.

I have a clan mate that had his first encounter with a rocknose while mining iron. He’s talking fast and loud in chat, with no idea what he’s doing. We were telling him it was no big deal. He’s level 10 or so. The fight just kept going, and we could not figure out why.

He then announced that he had killed the beast, almost 10 minutes later. He had, no lie, killed the rocknose with a stone pick. That’s what I see when you talk about hand picking seeds for oil.

Except, I’m pretty sure you’re kidding.