What is the Sided Die?

How can we use them ?

On PC, it is a RNG based on a 6 sided dice roll. This feature is not in console version as of yet.

I don’t understand at all , sorry my english is poors , Can you use easy words ?

What is RNG you meant ?

And how this thing work ? ,what should i do with it ?

RNG = “Random Number Generator”

That’s about as much as I can contribute to the conversation. Hope it helps a little.

They’re dice. You can “roll” them to generate a random number from 1 to 6 (for a six-sided die), or from 1 to 4 on a four-sided die, or from 1 to 12 on a 12-sided die, etc.

See: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dice#Polyhedral_dice

So it just a toy I guess right ? , Thank you for all your answer


Basically yes, it’s just a toy. Although it does make in-game gambling possible, the game is marketed for ages 18+, so I doubt there will be any legal problems with letting minors gamble (I know some MMOs have had to remove similar features because people under 18 could gamble in-game.)

Often there’s a fork in the road. If you’re traveling with a group, sometimes it’s best to let the dice decide which path you take. Highest number gets to pick!

Hey Marisa,

See https://conanexiles.gamepedia.com/Chat_commands for the actual commands.

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It is so that you nerds can play Dungeons and Dragons/Pathfinder while playing Conan Exiles, while playing PlayStation/Xbox.


PC as well if i am not mistaken. don’t you leave that important nerd clan out :slight_smile:

rng is the new name to define the odds. even if the odds have been in rpgs since the dawn of time the millenials decided it was more fashionable to add more words xD

if you are french its simple: rng = le hasard mais les nouveau milleniaux dans leur stupidite ont decide que cetait plus tendance d’ajouter des mots pour decrire la meme chose

Lolo, I wasn’t gunna. But PC isn’t a nerd clan. It is a Master Race.


Our machines can multitask; PC players have always been able to play D&D while playing Conan Exiles.

I own both PS4 and PC version. Console players in general are more laid back. PC players are more intense and overly invested in their games. Maybe because they took a small loan out to build our machine so they could play next best thing coming out? :wink:

I meant; so that you can play D&D inside of Conan Exiles, inside of PlayStation.

“A dude disguised as a dude playing another dude…”

**so that you can play D&D inside of Conan Exiled Land, inside Conan Worl, inside of Internet, inside of PlayStation, inside your TV.


The game on consoles is MA 17+. Consoles don’t get full nudity.

Until your model outdated in 3-4 years.

AKA… Potheads :smile: :smile: :smile:

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