Free Crafting and Upgrade sys

hmm cant upload pictures… can some one unlock me?

Crafting like this is like the same likt conan got at all just a bit more divided.

every craft system need a upgrade system too to optimate it at all

this is how it would look like to update the stats on limit while gambling withe
“hyroglyhics” act like currency.

so u can craft withe resources u can earn in a world, withe luck, skill and a look - “blueprint”

and u can upgrade it in gambling withe currency u find in boss fights, treasueres etz

this would give some playtime and maybe a better resaon for a battlepass to have

If you want to “gamble” with crafting, get Siptah DLC, use delving bench to unlock “of the Legion” weapons, already a RNG process.

Then, those weapons are “Variable”, which means their stats will randomly be ±15% of the base stat.
This applies to damage, armor penetration, durability, and weight.

I am tremendously against boring RNG gambling, and thus I am against your proposal altogether.

i like the reguler craft system of conan and dont like gamble too

i would use it just only for endgame and strict as religions weapons which everyone
want to change them.

so u could do nothing wrong because u got 7 religons withe there owen currency
to control the affixes/suffixes/special and setter/colors/glyphs to craft relict weapons

u can cerat a new sort of weapons withe choosen materials blueprints and look
and upgrades in a huge lerning and trying curve witheout break the game and make
religions interessting.

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