What is the Strat for Khun Whu Abyss?

I plan to start grinding Khun Whu after I’m done grinding Pillars. Can anyone tell me the Strat for the Dungeon?

you find most strats on this page

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thanks a lot

is rogue required tho? or can other dps take the spot?

Rogue is required cos boss starts a healing sequence at 50% with around 30 second recast timer that rogue use TW on. Thats why you send him at 25%.
Boss also gets shielded here and there that rogue use FH on (not a req)

What about the mages?

Its not required with mages but makes it easier to break the occasional charm with Unbinding charm

No, it doesn’t make easy, cause UC has a very short range and it’s slow. No need to use UC in this dungeon. More fast stunning/rooting the charmed and move the boss away with the tank.

Depends from grp to grp, but mage or not, its easy to complete the dungeon

Respectfully disagree with you on this Malediluna.

It is so quick to uncharm the person instead of letting him/her be stunned for 10(!) secs (and the risk of splashing them to deah) so I cant see why you would not use it as it is very quick to use. Is really that little bit of extra Will of the Sublime (or whatever AA you would use instead) worth it?

But as you both you and Mori said, it is of course not a fullblooded must have AA (like TW).


Well, I’m glad that I don’t need to dedicate 2 mages lol. I need a spot for myself haha.
Still, crap, the combos have low drop rate T.T

I know you are a dps-specialised conq…if your main tank can solo-tank the boss then a second tank is really only needed to help keep the adds in place and off the squishy d p s if the boss becomes active whilst they are up … drop into defensive and you will be tough enough to do that whilst dpsing them. And if you time things right the adds will be dead or close to dead when the boss re-activates. … just giving you options for making filling the groups a bit easier (not insisting you tank).

I think the wiki page optimal set up is very risky … if the solo healer dies without a Rez available to get them up then it’s over. Charmed players can die very fast in that dungeon…especially if they aren’t CC’d and stay chasing the main tank/boss. If the tanks need the debuff removed whilst the solo healer is charmed then that is also likely to cause a wipe.

When I used to go into that dungeon we’d ususlly have: rogue, 2 healers, mage, tank who could solo-tank the main boss and 6th place either an off-tank or extra rogue/mage. We’d sent the rogue down at 75%, healer at 50 and mage (or 2nd rogue) at 25.
We never killed the adds below unless they ended up on the end teleporting platform with us … we’d just sprint through to where we could be teleported back and most adds would stop following before we’d get there.

What the wiki doesn’t say is the person who teleports comes back transformed temporarily into the same shape as an add … and they are very vulnerable to damage from adds of the same colour until it’s worn off.

Also, maybe I remember it incorrectly…I thought we started godmode by the person who teleports at 50% going up to the boss when they got back and doing a white hit on him??

If you are running any dungeon to get the combo upgrade books … then are you aware that you can purchase them ingame from n p c vendors in khitai cities (Pinpin in northern grasslands) for rares and gold ?

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