What kind of water filter do you use?

In spite of the Brita pitcher filter, my water tastes horrible. Are there any good recommendations for water filters that eliminate the bad taste?


You can always drink beer :wink:




Im a straight from the tap kinda guy. I figure if I slow dose myself with arsenic, maybe if my wife ever gets tired of me, I might be immune. … or in case I ever run into a Sicilian and death is on the line.


We already pay for water. Why pay even more on bottled water, when tapwater IS consumable, and plastic bottles emit harmful stuff over time.

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You can always build a well if you have a large enough yard. Be careful though those things tend to attract fish. :wink:


My wife has a zero water I think… she used to have a pur until I told her it just makes me think of lube.

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I’d guess it would depend on what the actual problem with the water is.

Can you tell what it tastes like? Can you see any weird tint? Does it have a smell to it?

This last one is going to sound made up but it’s actually a serious question. If you try to light the water on fire does it work?

I don’t have any filter recommendations, I just like to ask stupid questions :upside_down_face:


Also attracts Sadako…


If you are concerned install a reverse osmosis under sink unit runs on water pressure. Look for one that has available cartridges at a good price. I have had 2 over the years been drinking city water from the tap since 2008 they pump from aquifer reverse osmosis and then buffer the water for ph and such after have heard of people saying that 100percent ro water is not the best for your innards? My mother has been drinking spring water for over 25 years now and she is 80 plus using sediment filters. During the time back in the 80,s I hauled spring water :droplet:to a cistern weekly we would chlorinated and filtered around 13 years. Here is the funny thing a month or so after moving to a different state and before insurance kicks in I get a kidney stone very painful. The company I worked for made from under sink units up to multi million gallon a day reverse osmosis units what timing. As a side note when I was a kid in Florida we had a Sulphur smell to well water moving back years later you could smell some one watering there yard with unfiltered water from a long way off. As a crazy friend said often what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I know that isn’t original but he meant it.


I filter my water through coffee grounds.


Los Angeles had the worst tasting tap water in history. Out in Santa Clarita and Palmdale, it was only marginally better. We used the Pur “professional” grade treatments (the user-installable cartridge at the tap itself) on our taps and had a central/undersink unit in the kitchen.

If you’re a backpacker, please try your water filtration system with your tap water. If it filters out the flavour, please let us know immediately. :slight_smile:


If you are still getting a bad taste, you may want to ask yourself what is getting thru the filter.
Water (chemical formula H 2 O ) is an inorganic compound, transparent, tasteless, odorless, and nearly colorless.


Are you looking for buying water filter?

Help me a little bit here…
Is this conversation for real?
Is @janiak really asking about his home water issues?

Your knowledge about drinking water amaze a plumber here :wink:, way to go girl :+1:t6:


I am looking to buy water filter. Can you tell me which one is best under my budget? My budget is no more than 150$.

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I live in Colorado. Every major water source in the US starts in this state, or contributes heavily to other water sources. After the snow melts in June/July from the Continental divide, our reservoirs fill up with clean, cold water.

When we go hiking and camping in the Rocky Mountains, we can actually drink directly from the snowmelt streams coming down the mountains, though we do not usually take that chance.

Our tap water is amazing, cold, tasteless and sparkling. I have been to other states in the US where the tap water tastes like pondscum and I get the need to filter it. Also, fracking in some of these states contributes to the water aquifer pollution.


Your budget is quite low. If you can increase your budget then Aquasana EQ-600-AMZN 6-Year Filter System is recommended from my side as I am using it from last 1 year and still It is working amazing. It is one of the best water filters. Here are it’s main features:

  • Great flavor.
  • No need for electricity for its setup.
  • Long lasting.
  • Easy to install.
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So you are for real 🤦🏼.
Anyway, my real profession is plumber, but the last 10 years I work in a construction company as a manager.
To buy filter this forum is not the best place, because you need to share information that may harm you, privacy comes first here.
Don’t ask a plumber
Don’t ask a retailer
Ask people living close to you how they work out the water taste problems, taste the water from their house if necessary and then make your decision. Try your neighbors first.
Now if you already have a filter but the water taste change significantly, then maybe your neighborhood had a main pipe replacement and all the job filth and up in your filter. So try to close the balb that gives water to filter, release the pressure by opening your tap and then open gently your filter and clean it. Try not to loose the elastic rubbers and place them gently back so you won’t have a leak.
Good luck