What mods are ok to use in single player?


Hey guys i was wondering what mods are ok to use in the steam workshop because i used quit a loot ( 20 is ) and they slowed down the game and made the performance worse.

So i ask today what mods are ok to use ore what should i look out for when downloading a workshop item ?

In theory most mods should be fine for singleplayer (there might be the occasional server-focused mod that maybe doesn’t work right, and game-balance on some might be aimed at group play, but that’s about it).

Here’s a list of some I’ve used in singleplayer (not all together) - one or two may now be outdated, but I’ll try to highlight those. Mostly I just look at the file sizes and then try to limit myself a bit so I’m not using too many different mods at once and not using too many big mods at once.

ModControlPanel - provides easier admin control access for a couple of mods (notably LBPR, Better Thralls and ThrallSidekick)

Cinnamon Candle - makes candles produce candlelight (rather than just being a flame that emits no light) Very small mod, but getting old, and might be out of date

Better Thralls - allows multiple followers, followers can drag bound thralls etc

ThrallSidekick - works very well with Better Thralls, summon specific followers to you, teleport followers back to their preset ‘home’ spot. Also getting old. I know at least one server admin still using it, but it is one that could go wrong at some point.

Fashionist - reskinning armor and weapons, altering thrall appearances etc

Emotes for Thralls - system for getting followers and crafters to perform emotes (actually two systems, since followers work one way, crafters work another)

Arena Pier - great build set, plus adds a bunch of stuff like 2x2 gates. spiral stairs, half stairs, shallow roofs, iron bars build set etc

Northern Timber - four full build sets, all amazing

Limestone building - white limestone versions of the three base build sets

Savage Steel - ton of placeables, including a bunch of usable storage options like jars, barrels, crates, sacks etc

Immersive Armor - fantastic range of armor variants and adjusted versions of the base game armors - especially good with fashionist, since you don’t need to worry about the stats (though they’re much more balanced than they were anyway)

LBPR Additional Features - snappable versions of workstations, bunch of additional storage and decorative options, really great ‘tavern’ build set (fairly neutral colours which makes it good for internal walls because it has some double-sided walls and can go with most things)

Less Building Placement Restrictions - just basically essential

Pythagoras Support Beams - allow a bunch of cool building tricks - can be used to extend support over a wider area, but also to add snap points for positioning eg pillars differently

Kerozards Paragon Levelling - a decent levelling mod that shifts the cap to 300, but doesn’t feel too fast or overpowered (though any time you go above 60 the ‘op’ issue can begin - I’m quite enjoying not having a levelling mod this time. But if you want one, I’d say this is a good one)

Waystones - buildable placeable teleport points - I found it made Siptah a lot more bearable to build my own ‘obelisk’ network

Better Healing Arrows - again one I’ve stopped bothering with, but still good - sets healing arrows back to their old way of working so they can actually be useful for healing thralls.

Age of Calamitous - massive overhaul mod with magic etc - very cool, extremely tough and grindy for singleplayer
Age of Calamitous RP Add-on - reduces the grind a bit, but I still found I had to adjust settings a lot to find a balance that wasn’t too brutal

Glass Constructions and More - very cool, lots of awesome building stuff, but a little out of date, so I’m not certain if it’s still working (though I believe others are still using it successfully).

Emberlight - semi-overhaul mod - lots of changes to farming (makes it more interesting - but still has the problem of not really being needed - you can just get everything you could farm for and it probably takes less work…), cool new legendary weapons, appearance changing, lots of stuff

DryBuildingsIndoors - fairly new, not seen any issues with it yet, stops it raining indoors

Savage Wilds - whole new map, pretty damned awesome (some areas can be a bit brutal solo, but most of it is like having a whole new Exiled Lands)

I hope some of that is useful - happy to explain more on things if you need it :slight_smile:

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I switched from Kerozard to “Level 300”: it allows increasing attributes points to 100.
Well, without the EEWA mod, I can no longer imagine playing on EL))

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