What Nano Crystal does this Instruction Disc make?


Often when I find an Instruction Disc, I look up what the nano does, to determine if I want to keep it or not. In almost all cases, the disc makes the Nano Crystal of the same name, e.g. Instruction Disc (Complete Healing) makes Nano Crystal (Complete Healing).
In some cases however, a disc makes an unexpected nano and then I’m all confused :wink: In this post I made a list of all the Instruction Discs that currently drop, and that make an unexpected Nano Crystal.

Since I personally mostly check this when hunting dyna’s to check if a nano is dyna-only or not, I included the info on where a nano is from. Hopefully this overview will be helpful for others too :blush:

(Tips) (Froob) Froob tips -still in progress-

It looks like the pre 18.7 nanos that were changed, but the instruction discs names were not updated on the ones I recognise.


Yeah except Induce Muscle Spasms, all inconsistencies are from the 18.7 patch.

An alternative way to find out about these changes is looking up the nano on auno, e.g. https://auno.org/ao/db.php?id=26019 and then changing the url by replacing auno.org with aoitems.com, like so: https://aoitems.com/ao/db.php?id=26019
This works because auno is still on 18.5.



Another list of connections between old and new names, sometimes if you can’t find it with the new name, try to old name.


Awesome work putting those together. I’d just like to point out that AOIA+ does this conversion for you automatically, under the Nano Crystals tab. Hope this helps!

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