How to find out if an item is rollable?

When it comes to items, such as weapons or nano crystals, is there a way to find out if the item is rollable in a mission.

I’m trying to find “Grinning Hunter (Other)” for my Adventurer, but had no luck so far.
Someone on posted this.

“(Team) and (Other) morphs seem to be no longer store buyable. Dyna and boss loot probably.”

Is there a way to confirm this?

This website has that function, Im pretty sure.

Got some bad news for you.

Neither the (Other) or (Team) versions are obtainable any longer. While the nano still exists, if you didn’t already have it uploaded from years ago you are out of luck as the nano crystals no longer exist (or is shattered).

Even if you somehow find instruction discs you can’t make them as there is no working nano crystal for them anymore.

This also applies for Playful Cub (Team) as well.

Fortunately Playful Cub (Other) can still be made from the disc or bought from the store, despite it also making a shattered nano crystal it still works. This is probably an oversight though so I imagine it will be removed eventually.

You can check this on and by clicking on the nano crystal entry for them and you will see that it is shattered and no longer uploads the nano, also note that the nano page of auno is VERY outdated.

Thanks for clearing that up!

It’s a shame they got rid of all the “(other)” form nano crystals, my favourite pastime was turning people into leets.

In regards to a few other Adventurer nanos, I’m looking for “Bite of the Wind” and “Fangs of the Snake”, the comments on these nano’s say they are probably boss and dyna camp loot.
What kind of level dyna camp should I be looking at? The same level as the NC QL?

Yep they are boss and dyna camp loot, range is quite high but ones around 100 will be fine, perhaps in Varmint Woods or Andromeda.

Adventurer nanos drop relatively frequently so I imagine you’ll stumble onto them without too much trouble. What is your characters name? I do dynas a fair bit and can send you them over if I find them first.

Thanks, I appreciate the help.
Someone has already been nice enough to gift me Fangs of the Snake.

My Adventurers name is Benjiy, sometimes I’m on my Engineer Syrel.