What NPC Lore Was Your Favorite To Learn About?

Personally, I enjoyed learning about the Archivist and the Circle of Swords. I was completely new to Conan aside from the live-action movies before this game, so I have no knowledge of these people, or rather if they have been in the books or not. That being said, I think this game has painted a lot of very interesting stories for players to stumble upon.

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That is interesting too, haha :rofl:

I read books when it was announced(and watch movies again), so when starting up game, and finding references to Serpent ring, and other book lore…was just blown away by tidbits.

Harlot & Ramza

I found Gods hand, and her ending book before the others… but going thru them in order was nice.
Ramza notes/book were to hidden… still broken. Was very nice story that lead up to itself.

Awesome! I still have to read the books, myself. I just have to find the time.

“find time” Goods new then!

Best Part of Books is there short stories. 3-5 pages for some.
So they are very much easy reads in short times, I had avoided them for sometime cause sitting down and reading for long period bugs me…

There not in order of any sort, there all semi-self contain stories in no real order. =3

That is even better, then. I don’t mind short stories. I will have to read those soon then. Do you know a place I can find them all?

Off hand via buying. No clue. I’ve looked them up, you’ll find cheaper newer prints, or old prints worth money.

I however, got lucky the my local library had them all. And didnt owe them money. XD
So I just go there when I need my Conan book fix. XD

Okey dokey. Thank you for letting me know!

Amazon Books has some at a very low price. I just purchased to read through them.

Cool beans! I was actually gonna check there first, anywho, so good to know!

I love the lore of the Ymir Religion trainer. An exiled shaman who could see that the Exiled Lands isn’t real; that it was fabricated.

He basically postulated a simulation hypothesis.


I loved meeting that guy! Around the first time I traversed to the tundra (I took a long time prepping) I climbed up to his little cliff and thought he was gonna attack me! Then I listened to him and my mind was completely blown by what he was saying.


Play Store has the Complete Chronicles of Conan by Robert E. Howard e-book for only a handful of dollars. Absolutely worth every cent. Considering they were written over 80 years ago, they’ve withstood the ravages of time better than most contemporaries.

As Petri Hiltunen (I think it was him) said, “with Conan, Robert E. Howard created and destroyed an entire genre - barbarian fantasy fiction - because every later attempt will inevitably be compared to Conan, and they will inevitably lose.” And I feel I must agree with this statement.

I’m happy that the creators of Conan Exiles have read their Conan books so diligently. The amount of little details alluding to Howard’s short stories and novellas is impressive, from the Lemurian and Acheronian civilizations to Thoth-Amon’s master plot to the barbarian himself. The details alluding to non-Howard works, including Marvel Comics and the films, support and enhance the lore rather than contradict Howard’s works (well, except for Yamatai, which shouldn’t exist in my opinion).

Some minor contradictions exist, such as the Bane of Khosatral Khel being a straight-bladed sword rather than a curved knife, and Conan himself is too pale-skinned in-game, but I can mostly live with those.

The NPCs with dialogue are all kinda interesting in their own way. The philosophical Outcast speculates on the nature of the Exiled Lands; the Giant-Kings tell a story of a tragic past; and the various diaries and journals sprinkled across the map tell of more personal tragedies (and occasional comedies), all of which enhance the experience and make the Lands feel more like a place with living people and not just hostile humanoid mobs.


Wow, thank you for all of that!

I drowned once. My arms feel 0ff and my head exploded.

It was like I was playing a drowning simulator.

So realistic I almost felt like it was actually happening.

Otherwise I like the Lore Stone near Teliths Islands. It gives good story.

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Agreed. It’s some matrix-total-recall stuff.

Arnald was in Total Recall too.

Mind Blown!!!

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Maybe if he came out of that damn tavern, he would get his tan back :slight_smile:

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