What’s in it for loners?

No doubt the whole team of developers at FUNCOM is work really hard. I like to know that they are working in priority on the core mechanics before content.

I am always filled with enthusiasm that an upcoming update would address most of my issues and wishes. Meanwhile I understand that there is a lot to be done to develop and maintain such an ambitious game and that a step forward is taken every time.

As a foremost consideration, I think the appreciation of the game lies on a community-based perspective so if you are a loner, there isn’t much for you. This is why I eventually lost interest in playing this title (I wish I haven’t) and I think there is a gap to fill here.

It isn’t a secret to anyone that the story is vague and not really engaging. The lifetime of the excitement when you play solo is considerable but limited.

To capture and/or retain customers of my type, much more emphasis needs to be put into the edition/simulation (admin mode) experience. Essentially I wish to build a space, add NPC’s and see it come to life. The latter is deficient. I wish there was more interaction between owned NPC’s. Currently it’s like if time was frozen, like if the sole finality of the game was to fight.

In my view, enhancing the experience of building a simulated community should be the pole of development for the single player experience.

Despite the topic being “suggestions” I also included bugs along with my wishes as the whole constitutes the sum of considerations that I’d like FUNCOM to take into account.

All of my input are based on the PS4 experience.

Persistent issues in Multiplayer Mode

  • Minimal placement distance between thralls is too far, solo mode ok;
  • Buildings disappeared at relaunch, perhaps too close to invalid locations (Sept. 2018);

Persistent issues in Solo Mode

  • Removed clothes would reappear on the majority of thralls at relaunch;
  • Admin mode: “ Fly mode” doesn’t work (works if you rent a server);
  • Admin mode: “Show state” doesn’t work;
  • Admin mode: level beyond 60 crashes the game at launch (my interpretation from a systematic crash when loading a game);
  • Admin mode: “passive stance” for thralls doesn’t work (would like immobility);

Core Mechanics and UI - Wishes

  • Option to select and activate civilian animations for thrall (easy way: use existing ones from the Relic Hunter City);
  • Recreate our character without restarting the campaign;
  • Wheel of pain animation to display the actual thralls, or (even better) ability to choose which ones would show;
  • Admin mode: to preview thrall to be spawned when browsing;
  • Admin mode: to create custom thralls through a character creation engine;
  • Admin mode: to sort the items and NPC’s to spawn in various ways such as alphabetical; default; new; etc.;
  • Select the type of dance for entertainers;

Accounts - Wishes

  • Enable purchased DLC’s to work in other regions: I have a UK game on a NA account and my purchased DLCs are inaccessible in the game, while showing “purchased” in PS Store (just tried again and lost my $);

Content - Wishes

  • More building shapes (not variations on the same shapes);
  • Affect thralls to farming & gardening;
  • A lot have been proposed on this forum already (hair; shapes; fountains; etc.);
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I certainly know of what you speak and i am looking forward to the updates they will be churning out over the next year. Though i am not as much a loner as yourself i love the thrill of combat in this game and thats what mainly kept me captivated was the amount of freedom they give. However many of the community members that are active are on two threads making their wishes known not only for new mechanics but also for a brand new map.

Take a look see what you think, Like and comment even add to the list the more ideas we give them the more ideas they might add or even get themselves ^^ Merry christmas.

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Oh yeah, I totally hear you. Character creation has always been big to me. The more it can do and the happier I am.

I can’t play all the games I’d like to, time wise, and when choosing I typically vouch for one that features a character editor.

I can only think that I am not the only one.

I must say that a thing I like about this title is that we’re not only fighting monsters of some sort. Being humans fighting humans makes it more immersive and you can relate more easily to the universe you project yourself into. It’s even more true if the editor allows for realistic shapes (non-stereotype), and the freedom and possibilities in editing is important.

That said, if the human aspect is well taken care of, I’m all in for extra features such as races.

Now just imagine that the same character-edition engine currently used for our character, not a new one that involves development, would also be accessible to create thralls to our likings in the admin mode. Of course it’ll require to chose clothings but such tools isn’t already available for developers?

I try to think of suggestions that involves minimal work for FUNCOM and this one (thralls) doesn’t involve any new content but new access to existing features of the game.

I can understand that from a corporate point of view it can be wise to foster efforts where it pays off the most. It’s just too bad if you don’t belong to that targeted audience though you are a legitimate customer.

I’m not upset anyhow but for having played this title so much, I can very well see the depth of the potential. It’s only because the game is good and the extra mile is within reach that I feel like saying “please guys, why wouldn’t you do x,y,z…”.

One thing for sure, attracting new customers brings in more revenue. PVP is one thing but other aspects could be worth investing time too. It’s a management decision, not a capability issue.

Given my perspective, any development toward PVP doesn’t contribute to retain me as a customer.

That said, I wish you keep enjoying creating kingdoms in solo mode for a long time!

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