What’s in this new patch

Does anyone know what was in this 11 gig patch

Sweet now I know it’s in the thing now it’s been posted as just waiting for our service to come back up for America

Here are the Patch notes, just in case anyone was interested @everyone
Treasures of Turan DLC is now available for purchase.
Elephants can now be tamed.

Player list chat mute will now take effect immediately rather than after the muted player re-logs.

Chests should now retain their lock-status after restarting the server/session.

Fixed an issue that would prevent the Disable Thrall Decay server setting not being selectable.
There are now new settings available in the UI for ThrallDecayTime and DisableThrallDecay.
A privacy setting for the Event Log can now be accessed in the server settings tab.

And the BIG ONE!!

There should no longer be a “No Owner” display message for buildings.

Sweet, so I can take my sign down them. Once the no owner popped up, I posted a sign with my name in front of my main base. I want my allies to find me.

Please refer to Xbox Patch (01.05.2019) - Turan DLC, UI fixes, Privacy settings and more instead for easy overview and feedback.