Xbox Patch (04.07.2018) - Exploits, Thralls, Decay Updates

Hello Exiles,

We have a variety of changes and bug-fixes in store for you and here they are:


  • We added several adjustments that should help with Land Harassment
  • Combat Lock on should now priorize enemies over clan members
  • Several Exploits have been addressed
  • Fixed some issues with Thralls not attacking properly
  • Fixed some issues with Thralls falling through the floor. There are several different issues linked to this bug and we keep working on addressing all of them.
  • Fixed an issue with a corpse sometimes not being visible to the player
  • Weapon and Shield display racks should now work as intended


  • Added ability to override decay score for small buildings to help combat landclaim harassment (please see additional information at the end of this post)
  • Fixed a health regen issue which could max your health after taking damage under certain conditions
  • Fixed a bug that would remove the loading screen prematurely while the closest buildings were still loading in. Sorry thieves, you will no longer be able to loot through walls, doors and foundations that haven’t properly loaded.
  • Fixed a bug where the player would get infinite stamina while going up stairs and slopes.


  • Message of the Day is now saved after closing the window.
  • Added full localization for Korean and Japanese


  • Fix auto-target to prevent clan mates selection when enemies are present
  • You can now add and remove servers from your favourite list
  • PVE Conflict servers joined the ranks of properly filtered servers in the browser
  • Adjustments to corpse physics.
  • Split “Show Help When Building” settings into “Show Help When Building” and “Show Contextual Controls”. So admins can choose to have the hud tooltips for controls on building only while disabling for the rest of the game.
  • The Altar of Set should no longer vanish after upgrading.


  • Fixed a problem with follower thrall sometimes walking backwards when following
  • Fixed a problem with thrall no longer able to attack after unequipping a weapon
  • Fixed a problem with human NPCs falling under structures if performing a melee attack near a doorway
  • Fixed an issue where thralls wouldn’t follow you after logging out with said thrall in Follow mode.
  • Exile NPCs learned to properly put away their weapons and shields when out of combat.
  • Fixed an issue where human NPCs would fall through the floor (most notable on stairs)
  • Thralls on religious altars should no longer disappear when upgrading the altar


  • Turning DisableBuildingAbandonment on after having it disabled for a while should not demolish buildings built in the past, and can no longer be toggled while the server is running.
  • Your buildings and placeables will now go into the Abandoned state if you recreate your character. Other players can then demolish them freely.


  • General Server Performance improvements
  • Various crash fixes.
  • Various server optimizations.
  • GUI memory optimizations.


  • OverrideDecayMaxBuildingPieces = X, where X is number of pieces (default 6)
  • OverrideDecayTime = N, default value 3600.
    The amount of seconds it will take this building to decay into abandoned state, and it will then stay in abandoned state for 10% of this time


  • Fixed a crash related to static placeables (which should improve stability in coop play)
  • Button icon “Buy Up to Next Perk” should now be visible for all players -not just admins
  • Fixed a problem with servers not displaying if the maximum ping section was cleared
  • Fixed a problem with dodging while locked on to a target whereby you would sometimes dodge on the spot
  • Balance pass on number of zeals obtained from various processes in the altars
  • Fixed player corpse sometimes turning into deformed statues
  • Fixed a problem with corpse sometimes not showing for the owner despite visible to other players
  • Fixed a problem with Purge NPCs not doing damage against buildings on PvE servers
  • Weapon and Shield display racks should now work as intended
  • Items in the Chaosmouth Altar will no longer disappear if you walk away without having all required items placed.
  • Fixed an issue where some placeables would instantly disappear on placement if their base was placed slightly underground, still consuming the item.
  • Fixed a bug where character corpses where sometimes lootable on PvE servers even though they were not supposed to be
  • Even though it took skill, your character will now longer be able to run away while sitting or laying down.
  • The Altar of Set should no longer vanish after upgrading.
  • Fixed an issue where your encumbrance level would be incorrect after using an armor reduction kit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Bearer Pack added wrong value to attributes after relogging.
  • Fixed an issue where the servers wouldn’t properly display after using the maximum ping filter
  • The news tab in the main menu should now redirect to the correct forum
  • Fixed a bug where a character would sometimes get stuck in falling animation after a jump immediately after startup.
  • It is no longer possible to alter server setting fields when they are disabled.
  • Purge meter will no longer reset to zero after a user rejoins the session.
  • Fixed an issue where Exile NPCs could get stuck in doorframes
  • When using a controller, fixed an issue where you were unable to place an item into the radial menu if your highlight went from the recipes to the inventory items directly.
  • Fixed an issue that would make your placeable item be consumed upon placing, without actually being placed.
  • Fixed an issue with following thralls giving a “Too many thralls following you” error after a relog.
  • When inspecting a thrall, the “Equip” button will now correctly equip items from either the players or the thralls backpack on the thrall.
  • Fixed a server crash related to thralls and inventories
  • Fixed crafting progression being lost/reset on server restart (this includes Thrall progress resetting inside the wheel of pain).
  • Fixed an issue where building wasn’t possible due to certain non-destructible trees
  • Fixed an issue where opening the emote menu would stop the tether function
  • Fixed several issues with VOIP in online and co-op mode
  • Fixed an issue where placeables could be placed inside each other


We’ve added a couple of new server settings that allow server admins to configure the decay system so that it considers buildings of a certain size to be insignificant and should therefore decay a lot faster than regular buildings. As long as there is no placeable involved. Changes made to the ini file settings.

The server settings are:

  • OverrideDecayMaxBuildingPieces, default value 6.
    This means a building with 6 or less pieces will get its normal decay time overriden by the time specified in the following server setting
  • OverrideDecayTime, default value 3600.
    The amount of seconds it will take this building to decay into abandoned state, and it will then stay in abandoned state for 10% of this time.

With the example of the default values, any building with 6 or less pieces will go into abandoned state after 1 hour. And then completely decay and be destroyed after 10 minutes in abandoned.
(Anyone can demolish an Abandoned building by interacting with it)

It will not get this overriden decay time if there is a placeable, like a bedroll or a campfire, near the building. And it will instead work like before.
(This is a quick thing we added to combat the “mine-fields” of pillars/foundations placed around the world to claim land. But we’re looking into better approaches.)


Do we still need to enter offline game to be able to join a server?

This all sounds great, unfortunately the game is now crashing far worse than before this patch.

Unless you can fix the constant crashing, I am going to give up on this, and every other game you ever make.

I put up with it through preview, and now through months of release, but it still keeps crashing WAY more than any other game I have ever seen.

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Hidden fix: Rain no longer falling under roof pieces/in buildings lol

:cry: After this patch i’m not even able to open the game!
Suppose i’ve to try to delete the game and reinstall it…

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Get better Wi-Fi I never have lag issue

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I don’t think they read theses.

One wonders if something has been done with the odd behavior of fish traps.

Jerky as hell, but it lets me play for 3 or so hours before crashing. Better than an hour

I never have lag, though I did change my network settings to ensure Open NAT. With moderate or strict NAT constant crashes seem guaranteed.

Still crashing about every hour or two and now the only way to loot NPC corpses is to hold x and choose loot all then drop what you didn’t want. Either fix the constant crashing or fix it so i dont log back in to find my character in the desert because i ran off a cliff or killed by some random enemy. Would also be nice to default on death spawn to your bed or bedroll not the desert.

I know this sounds ■■■■■■■, and I fully admit it may, but have you tried reinstalling?

I can’t even play the game now. Update came through and it just crashes, soon as I start it up. Game preview was one thing but this really has become rediculous.

Another update> another game reinstalation… FFF if i knew earlier about crashes then i would not bought this game… Universum is awesome but ■■■■■■■, you did it wrong… You should FOCUS on crashes!!! Every update crashed the game.

Now i can give you 2/5. You shouldn’t release buggy game. Gothic 3 had better stability…

Hi FunCom,
Let me start this by saying that I love your game; really starting to hate your company and how you do things though.
I was never affected by the Ruin System until yesterday, maybe you just turned it on or something. I logged on yesterday to find a bunch of my archer towers and defensive measures were gone. Spent a good amount of time farming/cooking to replace them, only to have them disappear again overnight.

Just to confirm; if I build things with 7+ pieces they won’t disappear on me again?

This update changed how fence foundations snap to other objects.
It is no longer possible to have them as an extra layer on your wedge or normal foundations.
Is this intentional?

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Oh, also the Entertained bonus seems to be broken now. I get a 10 stack for 0% bonus…

I have had crash issues since day 1. Lately I have had luck with the Offline login workaround. Any time you’re getting a bunch of crashes, log into an offline character (X button on XB1) and run around for a minute or 2. I would get several crashes per hour, now I login offline first and get at least a few hours of play before it crashes on me.

I noticed after this patch update it’s way more glitchy then before in offline single player. I lost a thrall dragging it back to my base for no good reason. Just dropped off. (Rope was fine, everything was okay). When I trying to capture a different thrall I died after I was bounded. And now I have a rope going through my game. That issue isn’t a big deal but my thrall dropping off and, for no good reason is.

The crashing is not an Internet/bandwidth issue. And even if it was, crashing out to the console home screen is not the way a properly programmed game reacts to bandwidth lags.

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