Xbox Patch (19.05.2020) - Follower and stability fixes

Greetings Exiles,

We’re releasing a new patch aiming to resolve some of the most reported issues after our newest update. We’re mainly focusing on server and AI problems that appeared after the release of Followers II, but we’ve bundled in a few exploit fixes as well.

Thanks once again for your ongoing support, and stay safe.


  • Fixed an issue which would cause increased CPU utilization.
  • Fixed an out of memory issue on dedicated servers.
  • Addressed a number of server crashes.


  • Increased security measures against server flooding.
  • Fixed an exploit that would cause a server to crash under specific circumstances.


  • Fixed an issue where followers would refuse to attack under specific circumstances.
  • Thralls would randomly enter a space-time continuum paradox upon teleporting which would render them unable to move when commanded. We fixed this with science.
  • Fixed an issue where followers would die of falling damage
  • Adjusted collision on horses and rhinos to avoid them bumping the player when on follow. We’re working on a better solution for these and other pets.


  • Fixed a LOD issue that would cause NPCs and wildlife to move “choppy” at lower distances than intended.

Thank God you fixed the follow distance for horses / rhinos & elephants, that was driving me absolutely nuts man !! :smiley:


Take a page from the game atlas and let us adjust pet following distance. :wink:

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Hooray, now my horse is no longer my cat (constantly in my way whenever I move…even if its in a wide open space). Good job on the thralls; now I can focus on getting that Berserker…

Excellent. All those tears in the fabric of space were getting annoying. Once my thrall came back slurping away on a cocktail in a coconut complete with a little umbrella.

Edit: Bugger. The crash to dash bug hasn’t been fixed. Still need to load a single player game before starting online or it crashing within 2-3 seconds after loading in.

Any chance this fixes the abyssal remnant not aggroing?

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Well the music bug hasnt changed, but im not getting a proctology exam by my horse anymore, so im pretty good.


Can u tell me where some of the EU servers are coming back since they been down forever

Sounds great, as long as the update doesnt reset the landclaim distance settings again… cause you cant change them on Xbox wirthout erasing the safegame.

Still crashing to dashboard.

The distance of a following thrall still isnt much better. Often instead of sending her to the aim in front of me, the inventory of the following thrall opens instead showing she’s too close.

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New update is out!