What’s the Corinthian telescope?

What’s the Corinthian telescope mentioned in the release notes?

Is Conan Exiles finally getting some kind of spyglass?


It’s a placeable. Not sure if it does something special or not.

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Future Bazaar item, most likely. It was probably just recognized as having an issue when they were combing for bug fixes and so it’s mentioned in there, even though we can’t use it yet.


Interesting, this one will look in the admin panel for all this Corinth stuff.
Let’s see…

Writing Desk
Couch (white block, looks unfinished)
Star Chart
Hanging Lamp

From the thumbnails, look like they would work best with Aquilon and Argos sets.
This one would guess this was going to be the next Battle Pass set of decorations, just as we had the Zingaran items.
But no more Battle Passes, so who knows what it will cost in the Bazaar. Based on the Castaway set…
Ayesh, let’s not think about it.


Thanks all!

you will probably see arrakis with it looool!

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Got me curious if we are going to see a different style of sorcery with more subtle aspects and tied to religions. Aka astrology.

That would be interesting. When you consider that the Hyborian Age is around 10,000 BCE, and the events of first Dune book take place in 10,191, that is a difference of almost 23,000 years and that is without taking into account the fact that by the time the light from Aarakis reaches the earth you are already looking at it from it’s past (so do the calculations of light years on your own, I am not going to bother). The point is, if you were to look at Aarakis while in the Exiled Lands, what exactly would you see?

Edit: The first book is said to take place some 20,000 years in the future, so that would actually make the difference closer to almost 33,000 years. :rofl:

Dune is set roughly 20,000 years from now, in the year 10,191.

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Are the Watchers connected to the Corinthians?

Someone named the watchers would be who I expect to have telescopes :slight_smile:

White hole…time dilation…something…something

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