What Should I Use Bug Reports For?


Sometimes weird things happen in games. When it happens, report it here! Please don’t post exploits. Send exploits directly to a developer or moderator such as @andyb, @mussagana, or @Sunstar

There are enough cases of the best intentions going horribly wrong that we have a section just for these situations. Please bring your strange stories and unbelievable experiences here.

How/Where do I post exploit information

How exactly do i message a moderator directly? I have an exploit I would like to notify about, but I don’t see how to compose a blank message to a moderator.

Apparently new users can’t @ message anyone.



The PoundFist emote journal does not appear. Went on an emote hunt with a video guide. 2 emotes did not appear in the positions the video shown. The video was 1.0 version PC but I still managed to find the others none the less.