What the hell is your problem?

I loaded up a save game and got a message calling me a “little cheater”. I don’t care how you think I cheated or why the hell that would even matter in a single player game, LOWER THE VOLUME OF THE CHIME! It’s deafening. What’s wrong with you?!

Hey @Youma,

Are these Conan Exiles issues? If so, this post may be moved by a moderator.

I think the cheater thing is given after a certain amount of loads-games used. Maybe a hundred. I sure used a lot of those, got the message very close to the end. When did you get yours?

No, it’s for Mutant Year Zero

Yea, it was in the second part of the forbidden city. I was too busy turning off my speakers to see much of the message.

Did you defeat the large robot thing? If so then the game calls you a cheat because the developers didn’t expect anyone could beat it normally.

This was pointed out as a bug months ago but like most of the other bugs it remains unfixed.

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This is a bug that will be fixed in a future patch.