What things are Ban-able

I know the usual hacking or glitching is obviously ban-able. What I wanted to know is, there’s a group on our server consisting of 2 clans who consistently camp obelisks and outside of warmaker’s dungeon just to kill me and the other members of our clan. As well as the other people on the server too. It’s annoying, it’s tedious, and I don’t quite know if it’s ban-able. I wanted to at least take a shot and ask since I love playing this game and don’t want to just stop playing because I keep loosing kits to loading screens. Can this clan, and their sub-clan, get banned for doing stuff like this?

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Banable? No.

Are they girly-men? Yes.

If i were you, I’d spam them with my nude body full of rotten meat, shellfish, lifeblood spears or something equally useless.

They’ll get sick of wasting their time eventually.


Killing other player characters on a PvP server is hardly against the rules. If anything, it’s kinda expected behavior. It may be considered dishonorable, cowardly, unsportsmanlike, ungentlemanly or whatever, but there’s literally no requirement for fighting fair in PvP.

If you choose to join a PvP server, you must accept that sometimes, odds will be against you. The game designers won’t fight these battles for you.


LoL this is too funny. You actually have to ask the question if being killed on a PvP server is banable? Dude what server are you on? How many people want to kill you now too just for asking such a silly question…


First he is not mad for being killed so jokes on you as you can’t read. So yes it’s annoying that players will sit outside dungeons waiting for you to come out to take your loot so they don’t have to really work for it but a easy way to make them mad is to use low basic armor and go into dungeon but with nothing else stay in there for about 20 minutes and come right back out mind you that you just stand at the entrance and turn around and exit but remove two armor pieces to make it look like they broke and let them kill you when they do that and see nothing they get mad and keep repeating and they will probably do something stupid but it’s a simple notion you screw with me I screw with you and most can’t take there own medicine and will get hateful saying I’m better than you I say what goes but if they get mad enough and become hateful to a large decrees then you can report them they gets warnings but from there if it gets worse report them again most think it’s funny until it happens to them thus they get mad so just don’t feed them and they will starve hope that helps just always remember that if it comes down to you report them they will try to push you into a bad spot to report you so stay calm and think before you act and good luck

Sounds like a regular PvP experience for me, some people are just douches, find something else to do or join other players to take them down, have fun PvPing :^D


is prohibited :
block minerals
block obelisks
block strategic locations to build a base.
excessively claime the map

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Make archery builds, you and these other clans, get a bunch of people together and snipe the you know what out of them, collect their gear, lather, rinse, repeat. Unless Funcom just re-ruined bows that is.

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My friend welcome to the comunity. I think that our friend @Kapoteeni here is covered really beautifully (as always) your question. If it is comforting for you, the greatest percentage of this forum is adults, real ones, not feed by parents, but feeding families. So if you want to share your thoughts and problems for this game, feel free. You will always have a mature answer to your problem, among others :rofl::rofl::rofl:, and the employees of this forum will listen and respond. So once again, welcome to the comunity :+1:.

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So if they’re blocking obs that’s an infraction right? These guys have been land claiming almost half of the jungle and have walled in the southern jungle ob. My friend already reported them a few days ago. I’m just curious as to if they’ll actually get banned.

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