What things (that are NOT purge-related) can damage your buildings in PvE official?

Disclaimer: I’m not complaining or anything; I just like to know stuff.
I noticed that several elements of my base are lightly damaged. They’re 10 blocks above ground. The damage is less than 1% of their HP, but many blocks are affected. I haven’t had a purge since April 2018 (yes, 13-14 months) because my purge meter stays around zero, even though I play almost daily.
So, what could the possible cause of this damage have been? Since the damage is high up above the ground, I thnk it’s impossible that an NPC did it. Can sandstorms erode buildings? I’ve heard that meteorites can damage buildings, but they drop in the North, and my base is in the centre of the map. When the Halloween meteorites came, they fell relatively close, but never onto or into my base. It’s also not a client-side display error, because I asked another player to confirm with his repair hammer, and he saw what I saw. What else could there be? Random database hiccups? Rounding errors?

are the damaged pieces fences with spikes?

OMG, yes! How did you know?

they take damage if someone tries to climb or you get hit by them when you jump over. you can test by finding 1 with 100% health and taking damage from it.


Wow, thank you!

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I love nuances like these on multiplayer survival games. Just when one thought one knew everything; one never stops learning :slight_smile:

That is interesting … though some of the damage on the spiked fences are not where I’d expect anyone to climb up and over. But I’m also finding varied low amounts of damage on non-spiked fences … such as stairs, foundations, walls.
I did report this in detail on the forums a while back:

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