What was in The Patch Today? (July 9)

Hi guys,

Anyone know what the patch today did? There was no announcement on Steam.


Thanks. That wasn’t very much at all. No mention of fixing the Black Corsairs on Siptah, either. :frowning:


Zero “long standing bug” fixes. I suppose they simply intend for those to stay. :rage:


They’ve been reclassifies to features.


And wait till they monetize them…


If you’re a new player and expecting things to get better, this is SOP for Conan has been since the day it dropped. If your expecting it to get better, we all have for years now. Your options are to roll with it or roll on.

funcom has always treated us like so much portage, complaining little piggy banks.

I can drop in to the Dune discord and start an actual conversation with a community manager right now, a game that hasn’t dropped yet. And we can’t get anything but placations and platitudes on the Conan forum, the game that is paying the bills.

Screams volumes doesn’t it?


Dune is an upcoming game. Conan is rather old and staff may of shifted to other projects, hence why it’s quiet. So, even though it’s still being supported, it’s just not as active as it used to be

It never was :wink:

Hard crashes on PS4 after a minute or two since this hotfix smh. I already hated the bugs but now I can’t even play at all. I don’t know what y’all “patched” but it broke the game… :face_with_symbols_over_mouth::-1:

maintanaince mode,

nothing more,.

they still support old games, but … 2024 i think is going to be th elast year of conan exiles as a focus for this company

Only 2 things that can save Andy & Dennis from getting booed off the stage at the next dev stream is

#1 Server Transfers
#2 A New Official Map

Anything else and it’s game over.

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Can’t get rid of me that easy. I’ll still be here helping out new players, handing out legendaries and refreshing my main bases.

Ive been away from the game for a long while, but at some point in time devs have fixed the Well-trained “bug/feature” where a thrall has to slowly regenerate the health that it gains from well-trained when set on follow. Now thrall gains the extra health instantly. This is huge especially with thralls that have large healthpools, such as Zombies.

I am very happy that the game keeps improving and fixing old problems :grinning:

I just want to be able to play my game :frowning: could care less bout annoying mechanics at this point