What/why is 144 hour (6 days) decay time for T1 structures?

i need to be out-of-town without my ps4 for 2 weeks. this is a normal vacation time for average people. SO why can’t our base have at least 14 days (336 hour) decay timer on official servers???

the dudes that have the mega structures should get 4 weeks decay at least. it looks like sandstone is 144 hours max, all sandbrick structure is 168 hours…

if the server is official i expect it to be online most of the time, backed up, and give server wide notice of server coming down…moreover, i would think that 2 weeks for a structure (medium-large) should be safe from decay.

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I don’t know the reason for not taking your PS4, but I will say I take mine on trips all the time. I just throw it in the suitcase and have never had an issue. My recommendation would be to get a tribe member prior to your trip. If you even have a buddy that plays single player, maybe you could just get them to log in, join your clan, and log in a couple times while you are gone. Good Luck!

Lol. Some of us go camping in the woods, or travel to other countries for vacation. Bringing an entire PlayStation is not exactly an option.

This is yet an unfixed issue that doesn’t seem severe until the holidays start and we will see lots of complains, negative reviews etc.

In every other survival, higher material / tier structures have a longer decay time.

Here, it makes no sense sandstone, isolated wood, brick or black ice have the same max timer. Which they could if it wasnt so short.

Look, im very concerned about structure griefing, big structures literring and reducing performance etc.

But I have lost myself a few pointless unconnected walls / fences / small archer towers, for not visiting my base in 3 days, while actively playing every day.

Despite I will have no holidays or at least none that prevent me from gaming (meaning I would be on the demolisher side, demolishing maaany bases this summer) I don’t think its fair, or that it will benefit the game.

It will piss many players, harm the game’s popularity, leave my official server even emptier.

Find a way to balance it, I have figured some but im no dev, and well, already reported 300 bugs and suggested many fixes, so its their work.

Just dont think as its now is correct. You fix issues when people is already pitchfork and torch in hand, we know. Be ready for many pitchfork and torches waves this summer, because 6-7 days is not very fair (for big bases, of course any public elevator, stairs, bridge etc, is bye-bye).

Buuuuut its the same with Purges, which we know (as per hundreds of users feed back in this very forum) they are not consistently working for most of players.

You have no massive complains of your Purge schedule (18 to 22 weekdays, where I can have purges every afternoon while working) or the balance of it (bosses cant be beaten by almost any base / thrall setup if you are offline) because it is not properly working.

But once it will, like with the decay timer, you will have lots of complains. Maybe you already made the cash to recover from the bad financial status (as you say yourself in your financial pdfs) but despite I have other complains that affect me much more (disappearing thralls in rope etc) those two are time bombs (purges not working with a bad scheduly and balance, and too short decay timers for any tier + holidays) which I dont know, or care if it will hurt Funcom finances or reputation, but they will hurt what I care, which is the game population, longevity etc.

I understand, I am an avid camper myself (No PS4), and travel overseas (with my PS4), I was just trying to offer suggestions. I am pretty sure you can remote into Conan on a Vita too, which would be very doable in the woods if you can catch a cell signal. Probably not an ideal way to play it, but it would get you around the decay timers.

So ur advocating for 2-4 week land claiming and griefing purposes as well as ur holiday? Think about what u propose across all game styles. 4 weeks on pve would render all servers unbuilabe in a week.

Get a friend to log in for u once a week

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