What will make this game thrive?

I am new to this game. The main reason I purchased Conan Exiles is to play a fantasy game that is rated M and Conan is something I could recognize. The best reason I can come up with is that the game plays like Skyrim and is a multiplayer. The mod factor is a big plus because it allows infinite possibilities. I purchased and added the Barbarian Edition yesterday. The Art Book and the Soundtrack is a win for me. What are your favorite parts of this game and what do you think will help the game? I’ll start…

  1. Greater insentive for the creation of amazing mods.

Some proper devs that dont make typos in their code and leave on a month-long vacation.
Some proper management.


You’re talking about longtime motivation? Mods will definitely be good for.
There are 3 core systems in this game, which will produce more longtime motivation when they will be improved!

  1. Multiplayer/Clans (PvP): this game needs an improved clansystem which allows clan hierarchy and which allows diplomacy and other interactions between players and clans.
  2. Thralls: there have to be more possibilities to interact with Thralls. Thralls should get more Functionalities, they should gain experience, they should get more diversities. The Thrall AI has to be more complex (set aggressive, neutral, passive …) Definitely they should learn to climb.
  3. Building: Many people love the building in this game and actually CE is one of the best building games. Funcom should care about this further and should create more and new possibilities to build not only new designs.

Honestly for now I’d say bugfixes, server stability and an increased capacity of players on a server from 40 to 60 or 70.

Well said.

  • Very stable building pieces foundation with no bugs
  • Thrall ai that works reliably
  • Thrall interactions to make them seem ‘more human’
  • Tier Armor and Weapon equalization which leads into Vanity gearing

After the above we can mod in what we want/need. :wink::blush:
CE could be legendary at that point.


character creation needs to allow a lot more modifications especially the butt :slight_smile:
More types of vanity costume they all appear basic and boring
more PVE with storylines

really nothing, people’s servers are going down for days and probably will decay everything or just be deleted. There’s nothing exciting in end game, at least not once you’ve won your server and after that it dies and then you gotta start over on another one. The combat is a joke, lag kills it. There is absolutely no balance in raiding. The game has ran it’s course and there’s nothing saving it. They lied about DLC being cosmetic only. These devs are even worse than Ark devs, which is an amazing accomplishment.


It sounds as if Funcom can benefit by selling Conan Exiles to a different gaming company with more integrity? Take their winnings and run and sell the game to Bethesda (doubt Bethesda would want it, though)?

Did not want to leave this with a harsh or negative note. I like the idea that other players have suggested in making Thralls more human and easier to identify with - it is worth our time spent with them. I know they have been beaten and have had their souls sucked out of them like the marrow from chicken bones but it would be neat to see some unusual and attractive personalities and character. l Know this ain’t Game of Thrones or Pulp Fiction - I just like seeing those characters that have a little more extra…s p u n k ?


IMHO, Community building… look at Neverwinter Nights server communities and how they’re still around today even after, what… ~15 years?

Part of community building is being a good GM, ofc. making mods, supporting the needed servers, etc. etc.

I can see this game for what it is now, and look at the posibilities you have with it, and cannot help with wonder what people would be able to achieve in a few years :slight_smile:


I think Blizz is using their Diablo 3 community builder in their new WoW expansion…just a thought.

Can you explain that, @Vejadu? I don’t know much about the community builder.

I am in total agreement with

and wish to add one thing. It is always a blast to play with the Developers, because some of them are really good, and mischievous where it counts. I had occasion to play among one or two during Combat Patch, and I know I’ve said this before, but the single greatest outreach is simply connecting with individuals. So reaching out to individual official servers, creating a character for instance, does it on a broader scale.


I am not familiar with the game Neverwinter Nights but World Of Warcraft’s coming expansion system may be of some help. Blizzard made changes to their “group finder” over the years to be more like their popular PvP centered Overwatch game. Their present WoW group finder matches people across realms and servers to compete in both PvP and PvE. It used to be strictly tied to helping people in their own realms find a match. I read in their forum that they are making WoW’s coming expansion more community oriented by using their Diablo 3’s community building system. In some way it could be helpful to Funcom programmers in streamlining that area of their software. Blizzard used to boast about WoW’s community system uniting folk in everlasting friendships and marriages. Right now, their system is much more complex and that type of thing may no longer be possible…we will not know until their next expansion?

Edit: I am not saying anything is wrong with Conan Exiles and their community building. I am just pointing out points of interest. This is a new game and it is interesting and fun. I really enjoy the initial character making - being able to detail the way my character looks. The mod community really lent a hand in making that extra touch shine. I spent hours playing - gathering and building, skipping an entire night of sleeping. It is good to hear what players want or the developers forget that we actually care.

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They need to expand on the Lore and introduce more dungeons and Random missions. plus all of @TwoJay post form above

Hi @Bungyfreek, do you play on pc?

I’m afraid not, PS4 so i’m experiancing the worst of the game :frowning: might invest in a pc over xmas though as fancy upgrading and going back to top tier gaming :slight_smile:


Fixing bugs fast (nearing overtime now) and then focusing all work on new content instead of fixing old bugs would help a lot.

I’m asking because for pc you can use mods and there is one mod, which improves this game highly. It’s the mod Pippi from Joshtech. In his last update he implemented the possibility to work with merchants selling the stuff you give them. There is an economy system which works with the ingame coins. You have doors with passwords or which needs a special item to open. You have a wallpaper on which you can stream fotos from a websource or a movieclip. You have a radio which can stream webmusic or sounds. You have Thespians which can move with emotes to increase immersion. You have npc spawners, books to write in… Finally Joshtech aims hopefully for Dialogue Thespians you can use for RP


It will thrive on raided players salty tears.

I don’t know exactly what will make it thrive but I think it needs something added to increase longevity. More mats required/harder to obtain doesn’t really fit the bill, and extending legendary monsters health and limiting keys dropped to one doesn’t fit well for me either. It just extends the time slightly, but the end goal/reward and process is the same.

I was a big MMORPG player and those types of games seemed to have done something right to make grinding and repeating the same actions for hours on end enjoyable. Diablo 2, then Everquest, WoW, Black Desert etc. they all had me wanting for more for my character that I would just keep playing.

With Diablo 2, you were forced to live with whatever attributes you selected, there was no yellow lotus potion or respeccing. You would have to recreate your character to change your spec. A hardcore game mode like this may be interesting.

In Everquest I could camp the same placeholder for hours hoping for that named to spawn and for his rare item to drop. The lore was exquisite, you had an actual progression to raids and prerequisites you had to complete before you could even enter the zone. The goalposts were far, but with some dedication you could reach them after a few months.

I feel in Conan the goalposts (endgame) aren’t very far, you can reach them in a week or two of not even trying that hard. Then once you’re there your scratching your head thinking of what else there is to accomplish.

Maybe games overall aren’t made that way anymore, and its kind of a shame.