What's a "top-tier reward"?

From the announcement

Top-tier rewards are the pet, mount, outfit, or talisman/weapon bag from their respective caches.

Hello @Funcom could you provide a clarification how this actually works ?

  1. are single clothing pieces included in the loot table or just the whole outfit ?
  2. are blue weapons included or just the purple weapons ?
  3. are the rewards equally weighted ? if not, what is the distribution ?
  4. is this still legal in Belgium ?

Have they ever told us the loot tables and distribution rates for anything?

I think maybe that’s the point they were trying to make based on there final question.

I know about the Belgians, but having known distribution rates doesn’t change their legal status does it? It’s still gambling if you know the odds after all.

I’d have thought that saying “top tier” is pretty clear (along with the wording) - it’s the outfit not the items and it’s epic weapons and talis.

Not in Belgium. SWL is probably illegal in China, though, for lacking know odds among other things…

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