Boxes in the Store

Random loot boxes for money are a complete scam and slap in the face.

Look what happened to battlefront II. The game tanked because of it. I bought two of these boxes and got trash potions that cost 30 conquest trophies. You owe me ten bucks funcom.

Eh… I don’t think they owe you the money, it’s your own fault for buying this crap. Lootboxes are ALWAYS crap, NEVER will there be “good” lootboxes or anything like that (you can even look what you can get, 90% of the items are crappy things that either no one needs or can be bought ingame anyways).

Just don’t buy this stuff. It’s really your own fault if you fall for lootboxes in 2018.

I hated them when they were first introduced in the item shop and I still hate them to this day (in any game), no company will ever get my money by selling me these things.


Do you return scratchers you didnt win on aswell? :rofl:


hahahaha fair point

I do not mean to take this thread off at a tangent, but I thought there was some legislation ‘State Side’ that declared loot boxes to be gambling and thus the odds of winning had to be published?

Obviously, I am mistaken, but would be interested to know where.

If I remember correctly Belgium completely bannned lootboxes alltogether, in some games you can’t buy them anymore (Overwatch for example) if you are located in Belgium. I really wonder if Funcoms item shop looks different in Belgium too.
Though I am not sure if that even applies to AoC, I think it only effects games that got an age rating lower than 18+ where underaged people could buy them but since AoC got the 18+ rating right from the beginning people there should always be allowed to gamble by law at that age.

But I really don’t know if it works that way. In my opinion these things (I mean the lootboxes, not the laws lol) shouldn’t exist in the first place.

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It was Holland who threatened to ban steam, including counter strike for loot boxes as they were breaking the gambling laws. In the rest of Europe unfortunately is not like that. They should see the gambling the chinese mmorpgs have.

Ah, thank you.